Thursday, September 13, 2012

Former Democratic Mayoral Candidate Charged With Vote Fraud

The New Albany Tribune is reporting that a former Democratic mayoral candidate and one of his supporters have been charged with multiple counts of vote fraud involving absentee balloting during the 2011 municipal primary. A Floyd County grand jury returned charges against Paul Etheridge, a former supervisor for the Indiana Department of Transportation, and Joshua Clemons.

Former New Albany mayoral candidate Paul Etheridge was arrested Thursday and charged with three felony counts of voter fraud . . .
Arrested on the same charges for the alleged incidents — which all involved the handling and casting of absentee ballots — was Joshua A. Clemons, of Floyd County.
The charges the two are facing — which are all class D felonies each carrying six months to three years of jail time — are solicitation for a fraudulent absentee ballot, forgery of official ballot endorsement and fraudulent delivery of a ballot.
“Investigation began several months ago after my office was informed by the Floyd County Clerk and the Floyd County Election Commission that they believed there was some voting improprieties,” Henderson said . . .
Among the violations, the indictments suggest Clemons and Etheridge requested a person vote by absentee knowing they were ineligible due to their age or residency, marked absentee ballots for voters and removed absentee ballots from a person’s home and delivered them or placed them in the mail. Henderson wouldn’t confirm the exact details of the alleged violations, but the incidents involve four voters. He described the charges as extremely serious.
Have you ever noticed it's always the Democrats who are charged with commiting vote fraud (and no, what Charlie White did was not vote fraud) to win elections, and they are the ones who are always hiding behind claims of voter suppression to block enactment of laws and procedures to ensure fair and honest elections?


Cato said...

The Republicans will steal more votes in Pennsylvania, and did steal more votes in the Jim Crow South than Jimmy Walker or Daley I could ever have hoped to swipe.

CircleCityScribe said...

Another example of Democrats committing crimes! It never ends. They are so corrupt.