Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pence To Run For Governor In 2012

Perhaps the best piece of news besides the overwhelming victories Indiana Republicans won in state legislative races yesterday was a report from WANE TV news in Fort Wayne that U.S. Rep. Mike Pence will forego a continued role in the U.S. House leadership to launch a bid for governor of Indiana in 2012. WANE News Channel 15 reports:

NewsChannel 15 political analyst and Republican Allen County Recorder John McGauley says Congressman Mike Pence will run for Indiana governor in 2012.

McGauley said that information came straight from people who work for Pence .

"He's running for governor. He's laying the groundwork with all these bus tours that he's doing; supporting legislative candidates [in Indiana]. And he's even out there right now recruiting county coordinators for a governor's race," said McGauley.

When NewsChannel 15 double-checked to make sure McGauley was getting his information from Pence staffers, McGauley said, "Absolutely."

No one on Pence's staff has been willing to officially confirm a run for governor. In fact, the top official under Pence denied McGauley's claims to NewsChannel 15.

Pence's chief of staff, Bill Smith, said Tuesday that the congressman hasn't decided what he'll do in the future and also denied that there's been any effort to recruit county coordinators or any other positions for a future campaign.

Smith said he does anticipate Pence making a decision Wednesday about whether he'll continue as part of House Republican leadership. Pence will likely easily win re-election to his U.S. House seat covering much of eastern Indiana Tuesday night.

Pence has been rumored to be considering a run for president or governor for some time, but McGauley's statements appear to be the first time any public official has gone on record to confirm knowledge of Pence's future plans.
Indiana Republicans have been fretting over the possibility that Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman, viewed by many as a light weight candidate, would be the 2012 GOP gubernatorial nominee. Indiana Democrats are convinced their strongest candidate, Evan Bayh, will make a bid to recapture the governor's office for the party. If Pence is the GOP nominee, most observers believe the Republicans can run a very competitive race even against Evan Bayh.


Cato said...

We do not need some kooky, nutjob, Jesus-freak, pro-war, big-spending corporatist as Governor. If Pence is the future of the Republican Party, I'll take my chances trying to advance conservative Democrats.

I can almost see the misnamed "Intelligent Design" being added to Indiana schoolbooks.

Of course, what will there be to sell off, two years from now? Mitch is looking to put I-69 on the block, tomorrow. Maybe Pence can toll I-65 and stick a booth under that fancy bridge in Columbus.

And when Ballard loses, next year, think of all the corrupt Republican vermin that will need a safe place to land. Since they can't make it in private-sector employment outside of a law firm, the Ballard administration will scurry over to become Pence's foot soldiers.

Placebo said...

Thanks Cato. That's much of what I wanted to add, but you are much more articulate.

artfuggins said...

Will Pence require us all to be fundamentalist Christians in order to be voting citizens??? What a whack job he is.

Marv said...


Concur in your opinion, but I think he'll do a lot less harm as Governor then he would in Congress.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Cato, what is a "conservative" democrat? One that only costs hard-working taxpayers $13 BILLION instead of $20 BILLION?

Paul K. Ogden said...


Like it or not those social conservatives you so disdain are a critical part of a winning Republican coalition. Republicans need fiscal conservatives AND social conservatives to win.

Cato said...

Paul, the social conservatives are more terrifying than the Pelosi Liberals.

I don't want prayer in the school.
I don't want mythology passing for science.
I don't want regular loyalty oaths.
I don't want to exalt war or military service.
I don't want fealty to police and state power.
I don't want the state interfering, at all, in consensual matters.

The only thing I want from a party is the restoration of my Liberty and government kept to the absolute minimum. The social conservatives advocate a very pernicious government that widely strips liberty and extols obedience over inquiry.

While the Liberals also advocate a massive government, it's not as brutal or theocratic. They blow cash on more compassionate misadventures, but at least someone gets fed under Pelosi. Under the social conservatives, government spending typically results in someone getting brutalized, killed or thrown in jail.

Given the choice of Pelosi or Pence, the Dems are the lesser of two evils.

By the way, 100 years ago, those social conservatives were in the Democratic Party.

Here's the bottom line: I really don't care what two gay guys do in their own house, and neither does Pelosi.

Mike Pence does.
Eric Cantor does.
Jim DeMint does.
John Boehner does.

Under Nancy Pelosi's social mores, no gay guy gets dragged behind a pickup.

Cato said...

Concerned Taxpayer, I hear you.

Dennis Kucinich, I suppose.

Unigov said...

*Part 1*

I saw Becky Skillman on a Channel 20 show about mortgage fraud. I DVR'd it and watched several times, and swear she was on thorazine. Here's a clip that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would lose to basically anyone in a race for governor:

I don't like Mitch Daniels but he can shoot laser beams out of his eyes, he's that sharp.

Unigov said...

Cato makes good points.

I suggest that a president whose support of gay rights is wishy-washy is not much help. Bush's position on gay marriage mirrors Obama's, and Bush was far more engaged than Obama or Clinton, in the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Were the Republicans fiscal tightwads and socially laissez-faire, they would win more elections. Instead they promote d**chebags like Trent Lott.