Monday, November 15, 2010

Does Straub Have Egg On His Face?


Fox59 News' Russ McQuaid thinks Public Safety Director Frank Straub spoke prematurely when he intentionally leaked details of an ongoing investigation of IMPD Officer Dwayne Mays to a group of officers at the police training academy on Friday. In the story above, McQuaid an audio tape leaked to him by one of the officers in attendance of the rant Straub gave to the officers when he showed up invited to tell them one of their own would be arrested before the end of the day for committing a strong arm robbery. That set off a frenzy of news reports over the weekend which eventually named Mays as the target of the investigation, indicating he had been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. An arrest still had not taken place as of McQuaid's report last night. McQuaid's report raises serious doubts about the stripper's story. According to McQuaid, Officer Mays claims he paid the stripper who accused him of stealing from her for help in finding a missing relative. McQuaid openly doubts any charges will be filed against Mays. Whether any wrongdoing by the officer occurred, it would have seemed inappropriate of Straub to tell the officers on Friday what should have still remained a confidential investigation. During his rant, Straub doesn't say an officer "may" have committed a crime; he flat out states he did.


Southsider said...

Any chance the Sheriff is happy he is not in charge of IMPD and the Mayor wishes he had let the Sheriff be in charge?

Downtown Indy said...

I listened to her WISH interview last evening and found her story less than convincing.

Will Straub now make an edict that no cellphones or other audio devices can be in the room when he speaks?

indysnoop said...

good post