Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Muggers Attack Star Political Columnist Matt Tully On The Circle

Perhaps indicative of the troubling crime problem in Indianapolis, Star political reporter Matt Tully tells WIBC-FM  he was attacked by two potential muggers last night while he was covering election results from yesterday's mid-term elections. Tully says two men approached him from behind as he passed the Monument Circle near the Hilton when one of the men struck him over the head. A quick-thinking Tully ran into the street yelling and two Hilton employees came to his assistance. The muggers did not succeed in taking Tully's wallet or other personal possessions. Tully says IMPD quickly responded to the attack but were unsuccessful in nabbing his assailants.


Cato said...

If I were there, there would have been two less muggers.

Of course, I would have let them mug Tully, first.

Tully, ferret-boy, it's called a 1911. Go buy one.

I would have paid $5 to see Tully running and screaming across the Circle.

This is news I can use. I love it when these pro-cop, anti-gun morons see the ineffectiveness of their governmental meddling.

Advance Indiana said...

Put in a public records request, Cato, if you want to see it that badly. Don't they have cameras all around the Circle? Cut the guy some slack.

Unigov said...

Ironically the Star this week ran a "story" (more BS from Ballard) about how safe downtown is.

Cato said...

No, I'm not going to cut Tully any slack. He's famously anti-gun, insulting to gun owners, and he impugns the masculinity of gun owners. He sloughs the job of his own protection onto someone else, so I do take some delight in seeing him running and screaming across the Circle.

Don't forget this little chat that was forgetfully prepended to a Massa campaign e-mail on 7/6/10:

"Tully: You're not bad guys! I still love you! But as for your little spine comment, at least I'm brave enough to drive to and from the office each day without arming myself. Uh-oh. Something tells me that one's going to come back to bite me when I check my e-mail today.

Anonymous: "I don't have any guns. If Billy the Kid were alive today I bet even he would say, 'Enough with the guns already.' "

Tully: Ahh, finally, someone who agrees with me. Of course, Billy the Kid was an outlaw killer. So I'm really not sure how much this endorsement helps my case.

Phil H.: "The answer to unthinking liberals is enforcing mandatory sentences on criminals who use or carry guns during their crimes."

Tully: I'm thinking that actually might not be a bad idea.

James S.: Do you honestly think, with every ounce of your brainpower, that if you outlaw taking a gun to work people with the intention to do harm will pay attention to that law? They are called lawbreakers for a reason.

Tully: That seems like a good point. But you might have just won me over with flattery for assuming I have more than an ounce of brainpower. Finally, I received a question from a follower on Twitter. "Why," he asked, "are you so afraid of guns?" Not sure. But it probably has something to do with the bullets.

Mark Massa Weekly Volunteer Update"

artfuggins said...

Probably two of the Manual High School students that he wrote about in his series on that school.

Anonymous said...

Good thing we spent a billion dollars for a football stadium!!

Paul K. Ogden said...

No one deserves to be attacked, even if they turn out to be anti-gun.

It's utterly shocking that someone on the Circle was attacked at 8 pm at night. There are people all around then.

Cato said...

I never said he deserved to be attacked, Paul. I even never said I wanted to see him attacked. If I were there, Matt would have been spared the attack.

I will admit to some schadenfreude at his troubles, and I hope he learns his lesson about liberty and self reliance.

I make an offer to take Tully gun shopping, and I will even take him to a range to train him how to use his new gun.

Gun shopping is fun, Matt. How about it?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Yes, these are dangerous times in Indianapolis. Assaultive behavior is increasing in my neighborhood, in daylight and in front of a crowd of others. Sorry, Matt.

varangianguard said...

He wasn't on the Circle.

In fact, I have now read two completely separate locations reported. But, neither was on the Circle. One or two blocks up, but not right there. There can be a big difference.

Besides, are we sure they were "muggers" and not critics?

Indy4U2C said...

Frank Straub will have to hire at least three more Public Relations staff members on our taxPAYER payroll to deal with this matter!

He'll probably also need a Deputy Public Safety Director for News Media hired to provide sensitivity training to members of the media who get mugged on Monument Circle.

Advance Indiana said...

Okay, he was on one of the spokes of Monument Circle. Does it make a difference?

indyernie said...

Are we sure it was two muggers applying something to his head and not a pigeon flying over while critiquing Tully’s work?

Roberta X said...

It followed a classic pattern: "Tully, 41, said he was assaulted around 8 p.m. on Pennsylvania Street just south of Market Street. Two males asked him for directions, then followed him south for a block after the brief conversation. Later, they ran up behind him and one of the males slugged Tully in the head, he said."
He was sized up, judged likely, and pounced upon.

Had he been a bit more aware, the first encounter probably would have been a warning.
I don't blame him -- the blame is on the muggers -- but no matter what your politics, you can be aware of when it is time to skedaddle for help.

Speaking a gun-carrying Hoosier (with the nifty little pink card of okayness an' all that), I'd'a run. It might be fun to talk bold and I would sure hate my last thought to be, "Wish I'd had a gun," but no matter how well-armed you are or how much of a home-grown ninja you might be, it's better to not have an avoidable incident. Why, even an anti-gunner could be okay with that.