Thursday, November 18, 2010

Attorney General Accuses Southport Mayor Of Deception In Dental License Applications

More than a year ago, I told you how Southport Mayor and dentist Rob Thoman had been accused of deceiving the state Board of Dentistry by failing to mention former criminal charges he faced as a student in Colorado many years ago. WRTV is now reporting Attorney General Greg Zoeller has filed a complaint against Thoman alleging fraud and material deception in his dental license applications spanning two decades. Here is Rafael Sanchez's report on the complaint filed against Thoman:

Thoman, who has an office at 7007 U.S. 31 S. in Indianapolis, failed to disclose on his 1987 application that he had pleaded no contest to felony embezzlement charges relating to school funds in 1981, the AG's office alleged. At that time, Thoman was student body president at Colorado State University.

The complaint filed with the Board of Dentistry also claims that on a question asking about military service, Thoman answered "not applicable."

The state said Thoman served in the U.S. Army as an operating room specialist from 1977 to 1980 and that he "separated from the service under other than honorable conditions; administrative discharge conduct triable by court martial."

The AG's office claimed that Thoman also failed to disclose the Colorado incident when he filled out his application in 2003 to be able to administer anesthesia and sedation.

The Board of Dentistry was asked to consider sanctions against Thoman. He could face censure, a letter of reprimand, suspension or a revocation of his medical license, along with a maximum fine of $2,000. A hearing date was not immediately set.

Thoman told 6News' Rafael Sanchez that he was unaware of the complaint and will have his attorneys review it. Thoman's term as mayor has been controversial, including several disputes with councilors and other city officials.
As Sanchez' report indicates, Thoman's relationship with the council in Southport has been quite strained. Council members called for his resignation last year, but he refused to give up his post. News of Thoman's troubled past in Colorado and his dishonorable discharge from the military did not surface until long after his election as mayor. It likely will become an issue if he seeks re-election next year.


Downtown Indy said...

He also has had a Southport resident arrested and forcibly removed from city council meetings for insisting on an opening prayer.

Many if not most of the council and attendees were likewise wanting it, just this one gent had the backbone to stand up to Thoman.

varangianguard said...

For a person like the Mayor, those kinds of incidents in their lives become somebody elses' fault and no longer important to their own view of themselves.

I also imagine that the free advice given by whomever about how to fill out the applications ends up being worth every penny.

Marycatherine Barton said...

It is about time that AG Zoeller filed this complaint against Mayor Thoman, DDS.