Friday, November 19, 2010

Scandal Rocks Wayne Township Schools

Fox59 New's Russ McQuaid reveals a major scandal developing within the Wayne Township School system involving sex and money. At the center of the scandal is John Maples, Chief of Operations for the school system, who abruptly announced his resignation effective at the end of the year and is on leave from his job. McQuaid reports of inappropriate relationships with students by Maples, as well as indications of financial misconduct. McQuaid reports on the unravelling scandal after a sexual harassment complaint was lodged against Maples:

John Maples' abrupt decision this week to retire as chief of operations for Wayne Township schools has led to revelations of other alleged misconduct.

District Spokeswoman Mary McDermott-Lang told Fox59 News that Maples' retirement becomes effective December 31st and he is currently on hiatus. Simultaneously, the district is investigating a sexual harassment complaint lodged against a supervisor by an employee.

A source familiar with operations in Wayne Township schools tells Fox59 News that it is common knowledge within the district that Maples often carried on inappropriate relationships with teenage girls, including visits to his home, Florida vacations, signing students out of classes to accompany him on his rounds and, in at least one case, provided a graduating student with a job within the operations department.

"Everybody knew about it. Former employees and people went to the administration several times and nobody would do anything," the source claims.

This source also indicates that Maples would utilize district employees and contractors to make improvements to his personal property and pad purchase orders to provide furnishings to relatives.

This source also claims some of these allegations have been known to Superintendent Tony Thompson who recently announced his plans to retire. District spokesperson Mary McDermott-Lang told Fox59 News that Thompson said he was unaware of the allegations.

Our source says many employees were afraid to speak out against Maples because of his perceived power in the district and his close relationship with Thompson.

When Fox59 visited Maples' home Thursday, a woman emerging from a recreational vehicle in the driveway said Maples was not there.

One source tells me complaints about Maples' activities to the Indiana State Police and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Indianapolis have been ignored in the past. Will they finally start taking this case seriously?


Marycatherine Barton said...

The things the high and mighty muckety mucks in Marion County get away with!! Thanks to Fox News and AI for this exposure.

Innocent until proven guilty said...

I am in disbelief! I know this man and he and his wife are good people. They are generous and has helped many a students. I don't believe all of these allegations against him.

I worked with him and his wife and I was around many times when students were in their company and never once have I thought of any wrong doings.

This is the kind of stuff that comes up after people can not get their way.

John,keep the faith and don't let this foolishness change you from being the wonderful person that you are. During these times you will see who really are your friends. That is including the good old boy crew you would eat lunch with daily (you know who they are)