Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Delph Gets New Leadership Role In The Senate

Senate President Pro Tempore David Long has added new leadership positions in his caucus to bring younger members into the fold, including an Assistant Majority Leader position for Sen. Mike Delph, a potential challenger to Sen. Richard Lugar in 2012. Two other younger senators, Travis Holdman and Carlin Yoder, have been named Assistant Majority Whip and Assistant Majority Caucus Chair, respectively. The three join veterans Connie Lawson as Majority Floor Leader, Brandt Hershman as Majority Whip, Sue Landske as Assistant President Pro Tempore, Brent Steele as Assistant Majority Floor Leader and Richard Bray as Assistant Majority Caucus Chair. Sen. James Merritt continues in his role as Caucus Chair and Johnny Nugent becomes Majority Floor Leader Emeritus.

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