Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Republicans Face Disappointing Defeats In Marion County

In a big year nationally and statewide for Republicans in Indiana, Marion County Republicans are being shut out of victory in every single countywide race and, while Republican statewide candidates are winning comfortably, only State Treasurer Richard Mourdock is barely carrying Marion County. Democrat Terry Curry has recaptured the powerful prosecutor's office for the Democrats, who saw all of their other countywide candidates secure victory tonight. The only bright spot for Republicans in Marion Co. was the defeat of Rep. John Barnes (D) in House District 89. Republican Cindy Kirchofer appears to have narrowly defeated Barnes by a few hundred votes. Republicans have been successful in picking up a single trustee's office in Wayne Township with Andy Harris, Jr.'s win over incumbent Democratic Trustee David Baird. Sen. James Merritt has survived a tough re-election bid against Marion Co. Sheriff Frank Anderson.

Mark Massa's narrow loss to Terry Curry (52% to 48%) in the prosecutor's race is a devastating blow to Republicans not only in Marion County but Republicans statewide. As the state's most powerful prosecutor, Democrats will now be able to investigate potential public corruption cases involving members of the Daniels' administration and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's administration. Republicans dumped large resources to save the office after Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi badly damaged the office's reputation after a string of personal transgressions and appearances of impropriety on his part. Other Democratic countywide candidates captured about 55% of the vote; only Becky Williams closely trailed her Democratic opponent in the assessor's race. This is a bad omen for Mayor Greg Ballard's re-election prospects next year. If Republicans can't win this county in a big wave election like tonight's mid-terms elections are proving to be for the Republican Party nationally and statewide, how can it win a hotly-contested mayoral election next year?

Gov. Mitch Daniels and Indiana Republicans are celebrating a gain in control of the Indiana House of Representatives. It looks like the Republicans will end the night with close to a 55 to 45 majority. Also, Indiana Senate Republicans look like they are going to extend their overwhelming control of the Indiana Senate with a pick-up of 2 to 3 seats.

This is not a good night for Sen. Evan Bayh. His decision to retire from the Senate has triggered a series of losses for Democrats tonight. U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth gave up a safe House seat to run for Bayh's seat and wound up losing badly to former U.S. Senator Dan Coats. Larry Buschon easily won Ellsworth's old 8th District race. The Democrats are struggling to retain Trent Van Haaften's House seat in a very tight race against Republican Wendy McNamara and Democrat Bob Dieg.

UPDATE: The Republican pick-up in the Indiana House beats all expectations. There are some really tight races, but it looks like the Republicans are going to control 58 to 60 of the 100 seats, in addition to what appears to be a three seat pick up in their already overwhelming majority in the Indiana Senate.


Cato said...

It's not disappointing to me. The Ballard machine needs to go down.

I think a Curry election means the end of a White administration at SoS.

Congrats to Beth White. Jana's ads were needlessly vicious.

Blog Admin said...

I wonder what TOJO will be saying about the awesome job he did of getting all of...well, zero county wide races in R hands.

M Theory said...

Put a big "L" on Tom John's forehead for LOSER!

It is shameful that Tom John took national credit for Ballard's defeat of Peterson in 2007 when he, in fact, had absolutely nothing to do with it!

That guy is slime. Hopefully the rest of Indiana's republicans will get the message that Tom John is POISON!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Jana Scott had ads? I never saw them.

Paul K. Ogden said...

IS, ToJo will brag about the victory in the Barnes house race and the wins in Wayne Township. Trust me. He'll point out that Republicans hold more offices in Marion County now than before the election. That will be the spin.

Bradley said...

Please, please, please Prosecutor-elect Curry -- please start investigating the Daniels administration. I pride myself in being fairly independent in voting, voting for who I believe to be the best candidate. For some people it is a cliche, but for me it is a principle.

I voted for Frank O'Bannon and Mitch Daniels in my first two elections I could vote. I am constantly disappointed by how Mitch Daniels has turned-out as governor, and I believe his administration is just as crooked as any Democratic administration he and his cronies say they are not.

So, out of a night where not many of the candidates I voted for, state-wide at least, fared well, I am glad there is a victory in Indianapolis for a person who can hopefully start pulling-out the giant microscope on the Daniels administration and what is really going on behind all the "we're doing great" bull.

Daniels may have won a mandate in both houses of the legislature, but I do not think the next two years will be overly pleasant for him overall.

Cato said...

Radio ads, Paul.

M Theory said...

I voted for Curry after learning about Massa's sleazy campaign connections. I want a prosecutor who will go after corruption with ZEAL.

I do not think it is healthy to have a prosecutor in the same party as the city's council and mayor's office.

I believe that a lot of independents like me voted for Curry. I hope he keeps our trust.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thank God that we are not stuck with Mark Massa as Marion County Prosecutor. What a difference a day makes: good riddance to the stench of Carl Brizzi. I know you will be reporting on dear Curry's performance once he is in that office, AI.

Unigov said...

I live in 89 and am glad to see Barnes lose if only because he seems so smarmy. Let me count the reasons this guy ticks me off:

As a teacher, he gets tons of money from the teachers' union - $180k in 2008.

I've never gotten so much mail (USPS) for one candidate.

The guy surrounds himself with military, police, firemen, and others more accomplished than he.

On the Star's voter guide he lists his military experience as "Legacy - my father served in the Coast Guard during World War II." He was never in the military.

This is an interesting picture - campaigning at a public school = priceless - http://johnbarnes.us/images/stories/cssgallery/images/FH000032_533_400_95.jpg

A year ago he tweeted "I'm singing at the installation service this morning for our new priests at Holy Spirit...God bless them and all the work they do..." - pride goeth before a fall.

He spent a lot of energy trying to prevent consolidation of the Beech Grove 911 dispatch center, even introducing a resolution to congratulate them.

Glad to see Curry win !

Concerned Taxpayer said...

We will soon be able to rename Indianapolis to Cleveland or Detroit.
ENTITLEMENTS is the magic word!
Say the magic word, and the govmnt will take care of your every need!

Gary R. Welsh said...

The lesson Mark Massa should take away from his loss is that it was not a winning strategy to immediately adopt the enemies of Tom John and Greg Ballard as your own. He started with a clean slate and he blew it.

varangianguard said...

John Barnes listed "Legacy" as his military experience?

What a maroon. By that standard, I've served in in every conflict since the Civil War, and I've been a PoW to boot!

Sign my lame butt up for a run at the Legislature. ROFL

artfuggins said...

What is a maroon???

Ben said...

Layton,White and Curry need to send Tommy John a thank you note.

He could have had a strong team.Massa,McAtee and May.But his ego along with Davie Brooks nasty personality cost the MCRCC the election.

Let hope that this is the end of Tom John, of course if you are a D, you pray that John stays in place. Its a win for you as long as John is there and Brooks is out in the woods beating his drums.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Fugg - maroon:
A term of derision often uttered by Bugs Bunny when referring to an interaction with a dopey adversary. It is a mispronunciation of the word "Moron"
"What a Maroon!"

Vox Populi said...

Massa's nasty ad was what compelled me to vote this year. I was on the fence thinking about not even casting a ballot, but that disgraceful ad made my decision.

The sad thing is it worked, as seen by the lower margin of victory for Curry than the other county candidates.