Monday, December 01, 2008

Property Tax Bills Finally Arrive

Many months behind schedule, the first installment for 2008 property taxes in Marion County finally began arriving in the mail today. I was pleased by the more than $1,000, 30% reduction in my bill this year. Of course, the City of Indianapolis is going to hit us with a 50% increase in our sewer bills over the next few years and take some of that savings back. At least that is a fee for service, and the need to stop dumping raw sewage in the White River is a compelling one, not to mention the fines the federal EPA will sock us with if we don't make the long-overdue improvements to our wastewater system.


Anonymous said...

Out in Hancock County (non-incorporated area), my taxes are $900 for a 1,300 sq. ft. house built in the late 60s on an acre of land. My assessment was $121,000 which is close to what I paid. Of course we don't have sewer or city water and if it ever comes, we would likely be annexed into the town of Cumberland, and taxes would likely go up somewhat.

Ted said...

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Anonymous said...

In Huntington,there's about 17,000 or so in the whole county, that's not counting all the people that had to leave when almost every factory, warehouse, or other good paying job left.

Anyway, during the start of the decade, the unanimous Republican government of the town and county decided we needed to build brand new schools.

It didn't make sense when the town was only 17,000 and most of them were employed, and it makes even less sense now that the town's unemployment is over 10%, and if you count underemployment (Walmart jobs), even worse than that.

Last year, before the all at once announcement of all the jobs leaving, they thought they could fix the problem of owing millions of dollars on those new schools by raising taxes like there's no tomorrow (which there may not be for this town now).

The Republicans:

Started auditing all houses in the poor and middle class areas at about 200% of their market value, the property tax therefore nearly doubled too.

Left the rich doctor and lawyer areas alone, I think the most their property tax went up was about 5%.

They imposed another 2% tax on fast food, they raised utility taxes quite a bit too.

And so now with there being no jobs left and twice the taxes to pay with no jobs to pay them with, anyone that can get up and leave has gotten up and left.

The town is running on social security retirees, unemployment, and food stamps, all thanks to the Republicans, and if it wasn't for programs initiated by the Democrats at the federal level, even more of us would be out on our butts right now.

It's all well and good to expect everyone to work, but don't give us NAFTA and CAFTA and the World Trade Organization, and expect us to be gainfully employed.

Thanks to the Republicans, we NEED those "socialist" programs, desperately.

Unless we're willing to work under the conditions of the Chinese or Mexicans underneath the wealthy elite (which is where it will end up at this rate, and that's the point), those jobs are never coming back.

artfuggins said...

If you annual property taxes went down $1000 a year, you must have a connection in the assessor's office somewhere.

Advance Indiana said...

Not by a long shot do I have an in with the assessor's office. The reduction is attributed to HB 1001 according to the tax bill.

7th CD guy said...

Wonder if Wilson Allen will pay his on time this year??