Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hamilton And Lugar Among Excellence In Government Honorees

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-IN) and Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) are among 25 individuals honored by the Council For Excellence in Government for outstanding public service. A press release issued by the nonprofit organization describes the group of honorees as a "bi-partisan group of greats" that includes "courageous veterans and skilled diplomats to pioneering scientists and steadfast leaders." Some of the 25, including Hamilton and Lugar, are worthy of the distinction; however, many on the list seem to be chosen more because of their status among the "elites" rather than merit-worthy recipients. When the list includes Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, who has presided over an extremely corrupt city government and turned a blind eye to torture within his own police department, it diminishes the value of the recognition.

The make-up of the CEG's board of trustees is as elite as you will find. Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush are co-chairmen. Some of the honorees serve on the board, including Hamilton, former U.S. Rep. Norman Mineta, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and former Secretary of State George Shultz. Former Gov. Tom Ridge and former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill are board members. The board also has representatives from Goldman Sachs, Chrysler, Hill & Knowlton, The Carlyle Group, Patton Boggs and the Brookings Institution. Even lobbyist Dan Glickman of the Motion Picture Association sits on the board.

Here's the complete list of honorees:

Honorable Everett Alvarez, Jr.; the Honorable James A. Baker, III; Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg; Mayor Richard M. Daley; Dr. Anthony S. Fauci; the Honorable Al Gore; the Honorable Lee H. Hamilton; the Honorable Shirley A. Jackson; the Honorable Thomas H. Kean; the Honorable Edward M. Kennedy; the Honorable John Lewis; the Honorable Richard G. Lugar; Wilma Mankiller; the Honorable Norman Y. Mineta; the Honorable George J. Mitchell; Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; the Honorable Peter G. Peterson; the Honorable Colin L. Powell; the Honorable Thomas J. Ridge; the Honorable Alice M. Rivlin; the Honorable Robert E. Rubin; the Honorable George P. Shultz; the Honorable Donna E. Shalala; the Honorable Paul A. Volcker; and the Honorable John C. Whitehead.


Anonymous said...

Many on the list...extremely corrupt...George H.W. Bush...Tom Ridge...Edward Kennedy...Sandra Day O'Connor...Paul O'Neil...Goldman Sachs...The Bin Ladens, errr, The Carlyle Group...Motion Picture Association...Motion Picture Association...Motion Picture Association...Paul Volcker.

Ahhh, well, there's a good condensed version.

Richard Lugar is a strange fellow, I suppose he's right most of the time, and Evan Bayh makes up for him when he isn't, I'd really like to see the Democrats run a credible candidate against Lugar, but he's far from the worst of Senators.

Outstanding, probably not, but there's much worse people on that list.

Unknown said...

Robert Rubin ?

Daley ?

If Lugar accepts this "honor" he's a bigger idiot than I already consider him to be, for his support of corn-based ethanol and the communist Law of the Sea Treaty.