Saturday, December 06, 2008

Aeorophare For Indy, Anyone?

Indianapolis-based Aerophare America wants to erect a 20-story, enclosed balloon ride in downtown Indianapolis. White River Park is a preferred location for the $2.5 million structure according to the IBJ's Chris O'Malley. The company is best known for tethered balloons it operates at Disney's amusement parks. The enclosed structure is intended to eliminate the problem high winds pose for balloon rides. Riders would be charged a fee of $4-$8. The outer skin of the balloon would also be used by the operator for advertising purposes. At night, the balloon would be illuminated. The operators are willing to foot the cost of the construction and enter into a revenue-sharing agreement with White River Park.

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Downtown Indy said...

Here's an idea - build it at Market and Alabama St. There room, plenty of parking nearby AND it puts some long-vacant property back on the tax rolls. Not only that, it at least is SOMETHING to finally draw people to the east side of downtown.