Friday, December 12, 2008

Emanuel Talks With Blagoyevich Taped

A local FOX News affiliate in Chicago reports of sources who claim Rahm Emanual, Obama's Chief of Staff designate, talked directly to Gov. Rod Blagoyevich on multiple occasions in recent weeks about Obama's Senate replacement, and those conversations were recorded by federal investigators listening in on the governor's phone conversations pursuant to a wiretap order issued by a court. Obama's transition team refused to respond to questions about Emanuel's conversations with the governor. Emanuel deflected questions from reporters on the subject yesterday while he was visiting Chicago's City Hall. Whether those conversations may have involved discussions of a quid pro quo remains unanswered.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the governor would have gone on a tirade about Obama that approached Tourette's Syndrome if Rahm Emmanuel told him what he wanted to hear, if it is even the case that they talked (I'll believe it when I hear it).

Rahmbo was a bad choice to start things off with, first of all because he wants to do mandatory conscription (drafting) of young adults.

The greaseball probably brought that idea over from Israel, I still find it pretty slimy to force someone into a situation where they may have to kill, and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights even speaks out against it.

artfuggins said...

TheAlmightyCthulhu is getting close to making antisemitic comments. There are many who advocate mandatory military or community service.....who are from all faiths and races.

Downtown Indy said...

Hey Artie, he used the word 'greaseball' too, so maybe you can work us up an anti-whatever-group-of-people characterization for that term too?

Anonymous said...

artfuggins: They're not going to draft me, I'll go to Canada, hell, I'd go to jail before I went to Iraq.

If Dubya manages to force us into a war with Iran over the next month, they can have fun with that.

jbargeusa said...

If Emanual didn't throw Blago under the bus a la Obama/Wright, he won't survive as Chief of Staff.