Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ballard Blunts Criticism With Job Announcement From China

Democrats and even Rush Limbaugh have been piling on Mayor Greg Ballard for his decision to award a bid for a new fleet of hybrid cars for the City to Toyota over Chevrolet. They've also been knocking his trade mission to Asia. Perhaps trying to blunt some of the criticism, Ballard's office released a statement today announcing a Chinese company's decision to locate its national distribution center in Indianapolis. "Goodtime Science & Technology Co., LTD manufactures and distributes environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient rubber, plastic, and metal items and molds for major auto makers including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda," the press release states. The company chose Indianapolis over locations in Michigan, Kentucky and Missouri "because of its superior market reach," a company official said. The company has not selected a site for its distribution facility, which it plans to open in early 2009. The company will initially employ five people according to the release. Not exactly an impressive number of jobs, but the announcement of any new jobs in this economy is welcome news.

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