Sunday, December 14, 2008

Palin's Church Torched

An arsonist set fire to the Wasilla Bible Church, the Alaskan church which drew negative attacks from the Left during the presidential election because of its best-known parishioner, Gov. Sarah Palin. The fire broke out Friday night while several people were inside, causing $1 million in damages to the structure. Gov. Palin visited the church on Saturday after the fire and told an assistant pastor she was sorry if the "undeserved negative attention" her candidacy brought to the church led to the arson. An Anchorage Daily News report indicates fire investigators have no evidence at this time which suggests a political motivation is behind the fire.


jbargeusa said...

From the article linked, "Nothing thus far suggests any political motivation for the fire, the chief said."
You say in your post, "....which suggests a political motivation is behind the fire."
So no evidence of political motivation is suggestive of political motivation?
I'm confused here.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The post reads, "indicates fire investigators have no evidence at this time which suggests a political motivation is behind the fire."

The only confusion here is your deliberate attempt to create confusion where none exists.

Anonymous said...

If they stop preaching hate, then nobody will hate them back.

Intolerance and hatred breed intolerance and hatred.

The Christians that preach evil should never be surprised when it finds its way back.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I wonder if TheAlmighty, would say the same thing about Jeremiah Wright's church considering the hate he preached.

Anonymous said...

Paul K. Ogden: I listened to Rev. Wright's sermon.

I am not a Christian.

I do believe he spelled out some very legitimate grievances against the United States.

I do believe he probably went too far in personally calling for its destruction, but it is not really too hard to see why others in the world want to destroy us.

If you're really outraged at this, I suggest that America takes the high ground and tries not to lob cruise missiles and the like, where you get to see footage (unless you watch cable news) of babies killed, children with limbs blown off, etc.

However, I believe that Sarah Palin's church has caused real, tangible harm to American society, and their type of preaching is liable to set people off on a killing spree (bombing women's clinics, shooting up gay bars).

Crimes Against Humanity? Instilling that level of hate into people is a crime for which no law exists.

Maybe Obama did go to Wright's church, but personally I find Palin's to be far more unethical and she didn't even try to distance herself from their hate, as a token or otherwise.

I also happen to think that not all Christians are that bad, but is seems the exception, not the rule.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

The "tolerant" in America will never be happy until all those who disagree with them have been wiped out. The torching of Palin's Church is only the beginning.