Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Senate Schedules Hearing On SJR-8

A proposed constitutional amendment to repeal the property tax will get a hearing in the Senate's Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee on Tuesday, January 8 at 2:00 p.m., or upon adjournment of the Senate. The hearing on SJR-8 (Sen. Brent Waltz and Sen. Mike Young) will take place in Room 431. There will be an opportunity for public testimony. If you wish to contact members of the committee to express your support for the repeal of property taxes in Indiana, you should contact the following committee members:


Senator David Long, Chairman
Senator Richard Bray
Senator Beverly Gard
Senator Brandt Hershman
Senator Connie Lawson
Senator Teresa Lubbers
Senator Jim Merritt, Jr.
Senator Brent Steele


Senator Lindel Hume
Senator V. Simpson
Senator Samuel Smith
Senator Richard D. Young


Anonymous said...

SO.. repeal the property tax.. and?

We'll have to make that up-- where? how? any of that in the bill?

Anonymous said...

How to make it up: cut spending.

Anonymous said...

It's Senator Lindel Hume.

M Theory said...

Implement the steps suggested by the Sheperd Kernan commission. While they don't know how much it will save, it would go a long way toward property tax repeal. In addition, don't forget we have money off budget according to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation activists are studying the numbers. It's looking more and more like property tax can be eliminated with no increases in other taxes.

The reason they don't want to eliminate is that property tax is the collateral used to secure construction bonds. In other words, without our consent they tie us as co-signers to bloated spending projects. It is past time to put a stop to this practice.

Anonymous said...

They'll give it a hearing to say they gave it a hearing. It's good politics right now.
In the end they will make no serious lasting changes towards eliminating the property tax.
The Commission's recommendations are collecting dust as I write this.
Bonds require collateral. I'm not going to ok my investment firm take client's money and invest in govt or muni bonds without collateral. That's not how it works.
The property tax will be repealed about the same time hell freezes over or whenever Ballard and his new council repeal the COIT increase, whichever comes first.

Anonymous said...

2:20....that about sums it up, except for one factor you are forgetting.

Alliances are forming with people around the state and gathering steam and The People are not going away. If we back down, we might as be resigned to forever live in chains.

I, for one, want the security of owning my home one day. I also want people to have confidence to buy property in my city and state. Right now, people don't have confidence. That's a problem for the legislators.

There will be enough money if they implement the 27 steps the governor's commission proposed. Right now they over collect property tax by at least a billion a year.

With enough heat and pressure, they will have no choice but find a way to make the state work without property tax.

Their first step should be to tell the people the truth, since we know it already.

And if this batch of legislators will not do our will, we will keep throwing them out of office until we get people in office who will.