Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Linda Pence Plans Run For Attorney General

Fellow blogger Ruth Holladay has the big political scoop of the day. She's reporting that prominent Indianapolis attorney Linda Pence is planning to run for Attorney General this year as a Democrat. Pence, a shareholder and director of Sommer Barnard, P.C., is one of the state's most accomplished female attorneys. Former Gov. Frank O'Bannon hired Pence, a former Justice Department attorney, to lead an investigation of the 1999 fish kill in the White River caused by the release of a toxic chemical by the Guide Corp. in Anderson. If Pence is slated by Democrats at their state convention this year, she will presumably face Attorney General Steve Carter in the November election, who would be seeking re-election to a third term.


Wilson46201 said...

Steve Carter, the smiling rightwinger who supports SJR-7?

Anonymous said...

If Pence promises to terminate the 7-figure bogus contract the AG's office has with Tom John's law firm on her first day in office, she has my support.

Anonymous said...

She may be able to pull off a victory in an 08 election. Let's just hope that she defends our tax monies with the same ferocity that she does for Tomisue Hilbert's hard earned millions. After all, popping out of cakes is a strenuous business.

Too bad though for Conseco and it's stockholders who invested their monies in good faith.



Looks like another fine upstanding attorney to send to the statehouse to protect the citizens of Indiana.

chris corwin said...

personally, i think she'll be great. she's one of indy's best hopes for the job and, has my vote for sure.