Monday, January 28, 2008

Swastika Appears On City's Northside

Someone painted this Nazi swastika symbol on a utility box on the city's northside near 61st and Cooper. A hat tip to Mike Bowman for passing the photo along to me.


Ryan Vaughn, Dist. 3 said...

I've contacted the Department of Public Works and the swastika will be removed ASAP. Thank you to Mr. Bowman for bringing this to our attention.

Mike Bowman said...

I drive past this every day coming home from work.

Either I had never noticed it or it is pretty new.

Either way - there are 2 driveways just before that and the people leaving those driveways must have noticed it.

It would be interesting to find out what they think ? Do they even know what it is and means ?

Advance Indiana said...


Thank you for your attentiveness to this issue. Your constituents appreciate your rapid response.

Mike Bowman said...


I have been busy all morning so I did not get a chance to call it in yet.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Pres. Bush threatened to veto the proposed Federal Matthew Shephard Hate Crimes legislation, so it was then withdrawn. See:

The ADL has had years of attempting to educate people
concerning skinheads. Visit
their website. Please.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Vaughan is night-and-day compared to his predecessor.

Wrong party, of course, but still: night and day. :-)

Regarding this disgusting symbol: for several years now, the Jewish Community Center on the NW side has 24-hr. on-site off-duty police security. Sadly, there are still folks who threaten violence and nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I drove home tonight. It was painted over.

Thanks Mr. Vaughn !

Mike Bowman