Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz Has Hit Rock Bottom

After the entire IndyUndercover blowup after last year's election, expectations for radio talk show host and blogger Abdul Hakim-Shabazz have fallen pretty low. The self-described "premier blogger" in Indiana uses the excuse of Internet blogosphere rumors today as an excuse to propagate a baseless rumor the campaign of Andre Carson has been spreading about Republican Jon Elrod for the past two months. The Carson campaign figured out it had a big problem on its hands because of the eulogy Andre Carson and his family allowed to be offered at their grandmother's funeral, the late U.S. Rep. Julia Carson, by controversial Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan and the endorsement Farrakhan offered of Carson's candidacy to take his grandmother's seat in Congress. Farrakhan has called white people the "devil" and referred to Jews and gays as "evil", among many other racist, bigoted and anti-Semitic comments.

Shabazz, who like Carson is a fellow Muslim, remained silent as the entire Farrakhan controversy unfolded. When he did finally speak out on the subject, it was to defend Carson. Never once did he call on or ask Carson if he would repudiate the endorsement of Farrakhan as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama was forced to do by NBC's Tim Russert this past week. Interestingly, Shabazz waited to spring this Internet rumor spread by the Carson campaign until just moments before Elrod appeared on his show for an interview, feigning disgust that anyone would stoop to the level of spreading this unfounded rumor about Elrod instead of talking about the real issues. Shabazz' real motivation was to give currency to the rumor in the final days of the special election campaign. Readers should take note that in several leading Muslim countries where Carson's and Shabazz' religious faith is the only permitted religion people are free to practice, the rumor being spread about Elrod by the Carson campaign would be enough to land Elrod in jail and end with him being executed in a public square as his punishment. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Shabazz.


Abdul said...

Don't forget to metion we gave Jon Elrod a full 1/2 hour in prime time this morning & Sean will be with us later in the week. And I have yet to hit rock bottom! Just wait until the primary and the general election!

Anonymous said...

Abdul wrote" As one of the premiere bloggers in this state"

I'm thinking you are one of the premiere egotistical asses in the state. Get a life dude.

Advance Indiana said...

That's about half the time you give Crazy Larry every morning. You're such a generous soul, Abdul.

Advance Indiana said...

Thanks for sharing, anon 8:28, a/k/a Abdul.

Anonymous said...

One should not be overly surprised by Abdul Hakim-Shabazz silence with regard to the Louis Farrakhan issue. Abdul was raised a Black Muslim. His parents were were members of the Nation of Islam before Abdul was even born. After the NOI split they "converted" to following Black Muslim Warith Deen Muhammad, son of Elijah Muhammad.

An old African saying states that a leopard cannot change it's spots.
Beware of Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, he is not as he appears.

Anonymous said...

Abdul only had standing because he was thick as thieves with cops trying to oust democrats from office.

He can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to republicans.

He has no goal any more and his lame show with a purpose, is now just a lame show.

I know I don't listen but once every six months. Then I hear more giggling than a group of 6 year old girls; and as much substantive discussion.

Anonymous said...

The campaign of Hillary Clinton has been up to similar tricks spreading this same kind of rumor about Obama. They figure if the rumor hits enough of the blogosphere a disreputable reporter like Shabazz will pick it up and say it out loud on the airwaves. That's their only objective. They could care less whether the rumor is completely without foundation.

tjefferson said...

OK girls, pull in the claws.

The point of this is the willingness of the Carson forces to demonize gay folk. Jon Elrod should not have to deny being gay like it's some moral failure that disqualifies one from serving in Congress (like morals matter there!). All of you, Gary, Abdul, etc. are fomenting that attitude by treating this as an odius rumor.

You are playing right into the hands of the Carson people, who will talk pretty to gays with their hands out for our money and votes but use homosexuality as a wedge issue if it benefits them. It's ironic, is it not, that it's a gay man who is the whisperer-in-chief? What a douchebag. Yeah, you, Wilson. Shame on you.

If Jon Elrod says he's straight, he's straight. But who cares!!! Don't play to their hand, Gary.

Advance Indiana said...

Julia Carson's 2006 primary campaign against challenger Kris Kiser, an openly gay Democrat, proved how much they were willing to demonize his being gay to their advantage. It should come as no surprise that one of the worst hate crimes committed against gays in Indianapolis' recent history was committed by another one of Ms. Carson's grandsons, Jamie Carson. Fortunately, he will spend the remainder of his life behind bars where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

What Abdul did this morning, Gary, was the worst possible thing he could have done from the standpoint of the Carson campaign. I agree with you. I don't think he was trying to do any favors for Jon Elrod, but at the same time, I have to believe this will have the opposite of its intended goal.

Chris Spangle said...

1. You can hear the discussion in question here: http://wxnt.radiotown.com/3-4-08_GWBSGD.mp3

2. The only thing muslim about Abdul is his name. And for you to insinuate that Abdul is passively supporting Carson because they are both muslim is a ridculous statement. Abdul and Carson are opposed on most issues. If you paid attention to Abdul's actual words as opposed to your fictional subtexts, maybe at least ONE of your pieces of analysis might be correct.

3. That conversation was started by me this morning. So if anything, I am the one supporting Carson. I am sick and tired of people spreading rumors on blogs about a person's sexuality who are over 25 and not married. Elrod has had a girlfriend for at least more then a year, but because he is 29 and not married, people spread the rumor that he is gay. That lead in to the discussion of why American society thinks that people over 25 whom are not married are either homosexual or damaged goods.

The goal was not to spread the rumor, because if you listened this morning, we mentioned Elrod once, maybe twice to steer clear of the exact reason that you mention. The goal was to get those who want Elrod or other singles to define his sexual preference. It just is not that important, and should not be an issue, just as Carson's Muslim faith or skin color shouldn't be an issue either. The only issue should be their policy issues.

You of all people should agree with those statements. But you have this weird Rupert Pumpkin-like fascination towards Abdul that is unbecoming, and clouds your judgement.

4. Abdul's parents were never members of the Nation of Islam. Beware of the black helicopters 8:40AM.

tjefferson said...

I don't think it's fair to relate Mrs. Carson's grandson's crimes to her or Andre, frankly. But you are correct to remind us of the horrific treatment of Kris Kiser by the Carson forces. Once again, that homophobia-based attack was led by a gay person, a nasty, angry, self-hating woman who has destroyed the reputations of several gay men she didn't like because they were successful and respected, aided, of course, by the rotting core of the Democrat attack machine, you-know-who. Birds of a feather...

Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't seem to recall Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivering an endorsement of Obama at the funeral of one of Obama's closest relatives. The same cannot be said of Andre Carson who has yet to personally and publicly denounce Farrakhan.
The internet rumors on Obama are patently false becasue there is no evidence. In the case of Carson the facts regarding his association and his family's association are a matter of fact. not innuendo.

Anonymous said...

Odd, Abdul does not seem to want to reject that post someone made about his Black Muslim upbringing.
His silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

Amazing....your good friend, Abdul, does do every thing you want and suddenly he is the devil....what is there about dissent that you dont understand?

Advance Indiana said...

Chris Spangle said, "That conversation was started by me this morning. So if anything, I am the one supporting Carson."

And that explains why Abdul just coincidentally posted on the same subject matter on his blog the very moment you were bringing up the topic and just a short time before Elrod's interview was to take place? No black helicopters, Chris, just the facts ma'am, as Joe Friday would say.

Anonymous said...

The irony in all this is the use by the Carson campaign of several gay supporters of Carson to spread this rumor, even though Elrod has been supportive of the GLBT on issues important to it. This only sets back our efforts to cross party lines and gain bipartisan support for GLBT equality when members of our own community attempt to use the "gay scare" to defeat political leaders who support us. The entire Carson crowd and their supporters are just making me sick.

Anonymous said...

Chris Spangle, you are completely full of shit.
I think that pretty well sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Black helicopters Spangle? I don't think so. You see, when Abdul drinks he talks too much. When he drinks he drinks around people who he thinks he can trust.
So, with regard to Abdul's parents not belonging to the Nation of Islam at one time, you better do a wee bit more research because your statement is going to come back and bite you right in the ass.
Loose lips sink ships........and radio station personalities.

Anonymous said...

OK! Abdul and Gary. You are both professional people. I respect you both. Quit bickering like a couple of kids and get over it. Your acting like a couple of trial lawyers on a Perry Mason show. Keep up the good work.


tjefferson said...

Who cares what Abdul's parents were????? Who cares???? Focus, people!!

Anonymous said...

I'm having a little trouble buying Abdul's "I'm totally innocent" line on this matter. I've listened to him and Chris long enough to know how they like staging certain conversations. Chris does what Abdul expects from him and falls on the sword and otherwise provides interference for him every time Abdul gets caught in the act. The coincidental timing of it being brought up right before he interviewed Elrod and his own post on Indiana Barrister provide all the evidence I need. Also, did anyone catch that planted phone call from Patti (i.e., Ms. Breaux)? Abdul will swear up and down that he's someone's best friend, but he always zings guests he doesn't like with one of those planted calls and then pretends not to be in on it. If you listen to Abdul's program with any regularity, you learn that there are fewer than 12 regular callers and some are given air time two or three times during the same broadcast just to fill up the time. Whenever a call like "Patti's" comes in out of nowhere, you know it's a planted call Abdul staged to zing his guest.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad that we have the Abdul show with the crazy cast o' characters like Larry Vaughn, Chris Spangle, Gooch, and all the others sprinkled in with the "serious" politicians?

It makes great radio. Abdul created all of it as a stranger to town out of nothing! His egomanical trips are hilarious sometimes too. He even calls himself a "whore", which I find refreshing.

We all know that democrat Peterson needlessly demonized me. Both Welsh and Abdul helped me get the truth out.

THANKS GUYS! To me, you both are premiere!

I hope at the end of the day...we can all just get along and have some laughs.

Anonymous said...

First, I am voting for Andre Carson....I do appreciate Elrod's position on the gay marriage amendment....but he scares me on social security, the war in Iraq, education especially in terms of No Child Left Behind, NAFTA, immigration, stem cell research. his support of compulsory pregnancy etc.......so being right on 1 issue doesn't cut it with me

Anonymous said...

"compulsory pregnancy"

Laugh My A$$ Off!!!

Now THAT'S a new one. Hey nobody made you or (if you're male) your baby's momma spread their legs. Takes two to tango.

There's only been one immaculate conception and that happened over 2000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the highjack, Gary...feel free to lift this and place it in another post about the 7th race, if you want.

Today's mail came and there were 3 pieces for Andre. Here goes:

1. Paid by the DCC, this piece has surfaced elsewhere, and compares Jon Elrod to Bush, vis-a-vis Iraqi policy. It even invites a "factual check" per sey, with a footnote of a 1-18-08 Indpls. Star article.
The footnote is partially erroneous. But the best piece of misinformation is a photo-shopped picture of Bush and Elrod, as if they're together.
I have three relatives in Iraq. Our policy there concerns me greatly. I'm not thoroughly thrilled with Elrod's stance on Iraq, but it is nowhere near Bush's.

2. A piece paid by the Indiana Demcratic Party, "A Message About The Iraq War From Democrat Andre Carson."
This piece makes another broad swipe at facts, and claims Andre "has a 9-year law enforcement" career, and he's "worked in an anti-terrorism unit while detailed to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security's Intellegence Fusion Center."
I'm familiar with that center. It's a dumping ground for Homeland Security funds. Multiple state agencies, including such abstract (terror-wise) as Department of Ag, have representation in this catch-all center.
Andre's excise police experience is, at best, dubious in this context.
And if he claims the Fusion Center as identifiable terror experience, he has to claim the method by which he got there: finishing 88th out of 89 in his LEO academy class. Which is kinda hard to do, actually.

3. "Andre Carson on Parental Responsibility." Again funded by the Indiana Dems. It's OK, but kinda fluffy.

My mailbox is stressed, Andre. Knock it off already.

angry glbt member said...

I'm not sure who to be more disgusted with at this point. Abdul for foolishly yacking on the radio and the Internet about this unfounded and irrelevant rumor? Or Bil Browning for the second congressional campaign in a row allowing the Carson campaign to publish false and hurtful information about candidates who agree with me on the issues simply because the Carson campaign is afraid some members of the GLBT community might choose a candidate other than their favored Carsons? I totally understand now why Mark St. John fired him. This man and his blog are causing more harm to our community than good? Why would anyone ever support my community when our so-called leaders seek to inflict harm on them simply for the sake of partisan gain for their own candidates to the harm of people they claim to be seeking equality for?

Ed Hutchison said...

I enjoy Abdul's radio show and the blend of politics and humor. It's not Chris Connor, Tom Cochran and Bruce Munson on WNAP, but what would be? Its the most relevant Indianapolis morning show since the Wrath of the Buzzard and, as far as I can tell, the only one trying.

Advance Indiana said...

I hear you anon 4:30. The first time Bil allowed it to happen I could attribute it to being new to blogging. Now I attribute it to down right meanspirited, self-defeatism.

Anonymous said...

Bil needs to pay attention to the blog's content. And stop the merciless self-promotion.

4:30--you have no idea. It's actually worse than you stated. The 2006 hit piece was disgusting, untrue and caused irreparable harm to many. But some self-hating woman who rarely posts anything positive, who lives in freaking Iowa, for crying out loud, weighed in with some scandalous rumor that couldn't have bene better-timed. A surgical strike, and Bil gave it wings.

He has no judgment. It's like that Estelle Getty character on "Golden Girls," who had a stroke and lost all her inhibitions and judgment.

What's Bil's excuse?

Anonymous said...

Take those Carson mailers, write the truth on them, and then redistribute them wherever people gather!

Anonymous said...

If Jon Elrod heard what Abdul says about him after he's had a few drinks, he would stop being a guest on his show and lending credibility to this out-of-state, last-in-the-Arbitron-rated talk show hosts in the Indianapolis market.

Anonymous said...

i got three mail pieces for carson today. the negative one on elrod is insane -- elrod = bush?????

i have been called by "neighbors for carson" 6 times in three days. a couple of times it was a fake poll. twice it was asking/reminding me to vote.

why on earth is carson putting all of these resources into the special election rather than the primary? certainly there is no possible way he could lose this.

Anonymous said...

More beth white and more of the same. I just found out the 041 precinct in perry twp. has grown. Seems it will include the 043 and possibly the 042. Thing is no one on the list at 043 new of the change.. I apologize for the interruption

ex abdul listener said...

Abdul wrote on his blog, "Gary must not remember that I’m a big media whore (whores get paid, sluts do it for free) and love the publicity."

This man is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Indy 7th voters....end this crap...vote Jon in to office for being a straight up guy. He has not stooped to the level Andre and his handlers have.

Do you really want your representation bought and paid for by outside interests?

Jon has drawn a line, and Andre has no boundaries...I guess the DCCC makes decisions for Indy 7th...Take back your district Indy!

Gary...sexual preference should not be an issue. I applaud you as a Republican and the push to employ the premise that repubs are inclusive of all races colors and creeds.

By the way...my wife and I are having a future repub in October and are the new breed of repub...I am a Repub who supports gay rights...does that make me a RINO?

What say you INDY?

Wake up GOP! We can still be conservs...Don't let Jen Wagner and Dan Parker sell your representation!

Is it any wonder that the dumpster diver has been ordered silent until after the election? Andre what is Wilson Allen to you? Does he earn a pay check? Do you support his tactics?

Andre...Will you repudiate Louis Farkhan's appearance at your families request during your Grandmother's funeral...In my opinion...it was a slap in the face to the voiceless you claim to seek to represent...

What say you Andre, Wilson, Erin....et al...DCCC?

Try as you may...you cannot buy the 7th. Indy will decide the outcome of the race.

DCCC...you have been exposed!

Anonymous said...

If Jon Elrod heard what Abdul says about him after he's had a few drinks, he would stop being a guest on his show and lending credibility to this out-of-state, last-in-the-Arbitron-rated talk show hosts in the Indianapolis market.

Put up or shut up then - what does he say?


Anonymous said...

anon 3:35, i am a democrat and i am agreeing with you. the fact that andre was slated for this seat is nuts -- not qualified, way too much baggage. i also agree that wagner and parker are an embarrassment. elrod seems like a republican a moderate democrat can handle to my vote will go to him.

the 7th was designed to be a dem seat and will be even after the special. you look even at the 2007 election and it is hard to figure a way a republican could ever win it the way it is drawn. it would require very, very low dem turn out and highly motivated r's heading to the polls. i would bet that many people don't even know this is happening and are confusing this with the primary.

i can't wait until may. i really think the carson issue will be solved then if carolene stays in the race.

Anonymous said...

You all are very hard on Abdul. I don't agree with everything on every show, but he works hard to present issues to us working citizens. He has done a great service, and will make mistakes. Keep up the effort Abdul, some of us really appreciate what you do. Indy libertarian.