Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monroe Gray Continues To Disappoint

Abdul Hakim Shabazz is talking about it this morning on his WXNT radio program, and a couple of AI readers have sent e-mails expressing their concern about it. During the Pledge of Allegiance at last night's city-county council meeting, City-County Council President Monroe Gray, not known for his sense of decorum, remained seated during the Pledge of Allegiance. As one AI reader expressed it:

I was at the CCC meeting, and was flabbergasted as President Monroe Gray sat on his BUTT during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Several times tonight Veterans were honored or mentioned and being a veteran himself, Gray knows protocol.

During boot camp the protocol is drummed into your head, then you practice it daily. You NEVER forget it.

Gray is not only a Veteran, he also attended Fire Fighters School. I’m sure the same protocol is expressed there.

Any grade school kid knows to stand when the Pledge of Allegiance is spoken. This man is a disgrace. He needs to make a public apology.

The press was all over the room... where’s the outcry?

An update on the Star's website this afternoon indicates Gray has issued an apology about the Pledge of Allegiance flap after the issue was first raised on local blogs, calling it an "innocent mistake.: The report reads:

Indianapolis City-County Council President Monroe Gray said his failure to stand during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance at last night's council meeting was an "honest mistake."

Gray, a veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division, said he meant no disrespect toward the flag or country and didn't realize his mistake until someone confronted him about it after the meeting.

"I just got caught up in the moment, preparing for the meeting," Gray said. "I had sat down thinking we were going on to the next thing on the agenda (after the prayer)."

Commentators on several local blogs immediately ripped Gray for failing to follow a basic expectation of respect for the flag. Gray said some critics attend the meetings just to find a reason to attack him. He said he apologized to the man who confronted him and said it would not happen again. "I wasn't even conscious of it," Gray said. "It was an innocent mistake."


Anonymous said...

So the big news flash this morning is that Monroe Gray has not one speck of class.

Uh, I already KNEW that. Who didn't? Many of his council colleagues agree.

If the Dems win a larger majority, which is almost certain, I'm betting the Mayor will have "had his fill" with the Center Township BS, and will insist the council pick another leader. And find a job elsewhere for the Majority Leader's wife.

Now, if the Mayor breathes wrong, the one-vote majority he needs goes **poof** and he's out by his lonesome. The goof factor on this council is much larger than the majority he needs for key issues. Way larger.

By the way, neither party owns the patent on decorum. Ms. Pfisterer sometimes talks her way into corners, with nonsense no one can understand. Cockrum naps in meetings. And Ms. McWhirter sometimes looks like she's going to softball practice instead of to a meeting. (She wears her "best" tight t-shirt....yikes) But they stand for the Pledge, and Gray's action demands an apology.

BP is too smart, NOT to know, that this council BS makes the mayor look bad, too. Publicly, it's all smiles and courtesy. Underneath, it's gotta be eating him alive.

Wilson46201 said...

It's particularly telling that the Republicans only criticize the President of the City-County Council for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance but never talk about his voting record or his leadership of the Council on votes. Congresslady Julia Carson voted against the Iraq War and is stellar on LGBT issues but all the Dixiepublicans can do is whine about her hair.

If Monroe Gray is so awful, why didnt any Republican file to run against him? Will the GOP dredge up a credible sacrificial lamb to be appointed to be on the ballot against him? Doubtful!

The GOP has forgotten issues and politics but descended into innuendo, gossip and personal chitchat against politicians. Clinton's blowjob was more important than our 8 years of peace, progress and prosperity!

Wilson46201 said...

According to today's Star, the GOP majority on the Council joined the evil, lying, greedy Fart PeterEater in giving out giant handouts to his fatcat hotel buddies thus bankrupting honest, middle-class, white taxpayers and forcing them to move to Pittsboro or Elwood. And all the IndyU nutterballs and their allies can do is holler about decorum of Monroe Gray? Eh?

indyernie said...

“According to today's Star, the GOP majority on the Council joined the evil, lying, greedy Fart PeterEater”

I guess we now know who has been the disrespecting our Mayor on IndyU.

Good job Wilson. Peterson isn’t the greatest Mayor to hit Indy but he doesn’t deserve to be called “Fart PeterEater”

Gray’s your man if he can’t take the heat he shouldn’t stoke the fire.

Wilson46201 said...

IndyErnie seems to have administrative posting rights at IndyU -- he should know I picked up "Fart PeterEater" off that nutterball IndyU site. It was so egregiously bad that it was memorable -- at IndyU it's just mild criticism of our popular and soon-to-be-relected Mayor!

Wilson46201 said...

Lest we forget: IndyErnie is Ernest Shearer, the fat guy in the flamboyant Yellow Chicken outfit holding up large signs proclaiming "BART LIES" at Council meetings. Talk about decorum,eh?

indyernie said...

I have never insulted our Mayor by calling him anything other than MR. Or Mayor Peterson and will never do so.

As to your claims of his lying that is true.

If I was the Indy Chicken I would be free to express my opinion in anyway I choose. However archives from CCC meetings will show the Indy Chicken and me in the same room as will several News reports from various TV stations. NUVO printed the entire history of the Indy Chicken on line.
Wilson have you seen me in any costume? Until you do you should refrain from expressing "facts" not proven.
Check the true facts before you give me credit for work that may have been performed by others.

indyernie said...

I have heard that the Indy Chicken is planning several appearances during the upcoming election. Something to do with Mayor Peterson running for re-election. I wonder what position the Indy Chicken is taking? Support for the Mayor? Pointing out the Mayor’s failure to combat Indy’s violent crime increase?
Maybe Mayor Peterson should thank you Wilson for your diligence in awaking the sleeping Indy Chicken.
Good job.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Wilson the best? He totally cracks me up because he believes his rants help his party.

Anonymous said...

While there is certainly plenty to comment about in terms of actual council actions, this particular issue isn't one of them.
No one has to stand during the Pledge- do I? Yes. Would I think I was being disrespectful if I didn't? Yep. Would I (citizen) criticize a MILITARY VETERAN for not standing? Ummm...no.
I don't care what anybody thinks of Monroe's politics or whether he is a bad President or council member, that is all fair game. There is certainly plenty to say and lots of criticism to throw around.
But, you know what, this jingoistic crap is getting really old. According to Anon 7:19- a republican council member sleeps during meetings, but hey! he stands during the Pledge- it's all good! No apology necessary, no outcry demanded.
I hope one person at least might just maybe realize how insane that is-
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS.."
An elected official who stands piously repeating these words- pledging to uphold our Constitution, zealously represent his/her constituents, who has the privilege to represent the people in our representative government- and then he falls ASLEEP during a meeting??? Wow, the horrifying irony...

Anonymous said...

lets see Sweetpea doesn't stand during the anthem. pheisterer wants a ball room ( she is clueless ) and abduallah is concerned about muslems and head scarfs. what about the half million or so of us taxpayers thet these idiots are suppose to work for. how about our cincerns like crime and diminished public safety. we need to vote these fools out as soon asd possible

Wilson46201 said...

... and a free spell-checker in every pot !

Anonymous said...

"It's particularly telling that the Republicans only criticize the President of the City-County Council for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance but never talk about his voting record or his leadership of the Council on votes"

Wow, Wilson. I've voted Democrat in 5 straight elections, but you make Karl Rove look like an amateur, not to mention Joseph Goebbels. No, I dont live in President Grays district, but he represents me as well as you. Hisvoting record? WTF does that have to do with the fact that the man cares nothing about anyone but himself?

Nice try, really, but it wont work this time. And Erin? You've never served in the military or public safety, have you? Perhaps you might understand the ire here. Members of both branches or depts have seen their comrades killed in the line of duty, buried under that flag. It isnt jingo-ism, but sentiment, strongly held. You cant understand it without having lived it, but hopefully you can respect it.

-Bob Hislope

Jacob Perry said...

So we're trying to figure out why a nutjob like Gray gets a pass as far as investing in illegal bars, frequenting illegal gambling joints, and refusing to stand during the Pledge.

Yet no one questions the free pass Julia gets for her incoherent ramblings and poor attendance.

It's all connected, folks.

Bob Hislope, you really shouldn't be wondering why the party of Jack Murtha can't seem to understand issues like service.

Wilson, I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but you do more to hurt your cause than further it. The best thing you can do for Republicans is to continue posting.

Anonymous said...

Um, hold on Scribe. I'm drawing a pension after having served 23 years overseas and abroad, peace-keeping and combat zones.

DONT turn military service into a monopoly only held by a certain party. That wasnt my point at all. Like Murtha or not, he walked it and talked it.

Both Democrat and Republican and Libertarian and Green and Wiccan and striaght out heathen athiest have served, died, and been buried with the American flag covering their remains, and received by the next of kin.

No, I'm calling President Gray out for blatantly disrespectful behavior. He can be any of those parties and I'd still call him to task on it, the fact he is of my party is embarrassing, yes. Nothing more and nothing less.

It's ok, Wilson and Erin, to admit our elected President of the Council did a horribly embarrassing and disrespectful thing.

-Bob Hislope

Wilson46201 said...

Oh, it's too much fun pricking the pretentions of you Dixiepublicans!

It's good to see "Bob Hislope" using his own name -- most of the rabid GOP commenters are so sleazy they have to hide their identity in shame and remorse like "The Scribe" does.

Anonymous said...

Are you calling me a rabid GOP commentator, Wilson? Just curious.

-Bob Hislope

Anonymous said...

The Pledge of Allegiance take less than 10 seconds to recite yet Gray feels imposed upon if he is required to stand.
Gray honored a gentleman last night that walked with the assistance of a walker. This gentleman stood.
The following may seem hokie to some of you but maybe it will help you understand why this is important to most Americans.

A quote from one of my hero’s, Red Skelton.
RED SKELTON: "I remember this one teacher. To me, he was the greatest teacher, a real sage of my time. He had such wisdom. We were all reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance and he walked over. Mr. Lasswell was his name... He said": "I've been listening to you boys and girls recite the Pledge Of Allegiance all semester and it seems as though it is becoming monotonous to you. If I may, may I recite it and try to explain to you the meaning of each word:
Me; an individual; a committee of one.
Dedicate all of my worldly goods to give without self-pity.
My love and my devotion.
To the Flag
Our standard; Old Glory ; a symbol of Freedom; wherever she waves there is respect, because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts, Freedom is everybody's job.
of the United
That means that we have all come together.
individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose. All divided with imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common purpose, and that is love for country.
And to the Republic
Republic -- a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern. And government is the people; and it's from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.
For which it stands
One Nation
One Nation -- meaning, so blessed by God.
Incapable of being divided.
With Liberty
Which is Freedom; the right of power to live one's own life, without threats, fear, or some sort of retaliation.
And Justice
The principle, or quality, of dealing fairly with others.
For All
For All -- which means, boys and girls, it's as much your country as it is mine. And now, boys and girls, let me hear you recite the Pledge of Allegiance:
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands; one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Wilson46201 said...

IndyStar.com Metro & State
1:28 PM May 22, 2007

Gray sorry for 'Pledge' mistake

Indianapolis City-County Council President Monroe Gray said his failure to stand during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance at last night's council meeting was an "honest mistake."

Gray, a veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division, said he meant no disrespect toward the flag or country and didn't realize his mistake until someone confronted him about it after the meeting.
"I just got caught up in the moment, preparing for the meeting," Gray said. "I had sat down thinking we were going on to the next thing on the agenda (after the prayer)."

Commentators on several local blogs immediately ripped Gray for failing to follow a basic expectation of respect for the flag. Gray said some critics attend the meetings just to find a reason to attack him. He said he apologized to the man who confronted him and said it would not happen again.

"I wasn't even conscious of it," Gray said. "It was an innocent mistake."

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm satisfied. If the man made an honest mistake and admitted it, then there's nothing more need be said about it.

-Bob Hislope (far, far from a rabid GOP commentator)

Anonymous said...

"I wasn't even conscious of it," Gray said. "It was an innocent mistake."

Out and out lie.

Gray is a former Ranger.
Standing during the Pledge, Taps for the Stars and Stripes is a given. It is taught and is never forgotten.

He is brain dead or just did not care.

Anonymous said...

There's no way in Hell he was a Ranger, and I'm suspicious of his creds as an 82nd AB soldier.

Time to pull his DD214 and check out his service. After all, whats good for the President of the United States (a weak, partisan attempt by the Dems to discredit and smear) is good for the Republican party to verify the President of the City County Council. Right, Wilson? Oh wait, I'm sorry, you never served did you? The only raid you've done on anyone's behalf is for the Dems, and that into a dumpster, not an enemy-fortified position..right?

Partisanship, of any party. Kinda works both ways, doesnt it?

-another 'anonymous nobody' who is laughing his ass off

Anonymous said...

Bob- No, I haven't served in the military and if you read what I wrote- I made clear that not only do I stand for the pledge (and actually mean what I recite) I also know that it would be disrespectful if I did not. The jingoism I was referring to is the fact that if we care what we and our Council are actually pledging (a pledge is a promise, a commitment)than we should actually be outraged by those who immediately disregard the pledge they just recited.
Case in point- it is not all right for an elected official to recite the pledge and then fall asleep.
In the same way that I am sure that (to name a few) Patrice Abdullah, Mary M-M et al stood and recited the pledge and then not only voted for discrimination against my fellow citizens but justified it by claiming that their "religions" required them to ignore not only the principles of freedom and equality for all citizens but the wishes of their own district constituents.
Yes, the pledge stands for something incredibly important and it is what it stands for that we should holding our elected officials (and ourselves) to.
If all we require of ourselves is that we recite the pledge without actually PLEDGING ourselves to the meaning of the words, then that is mindless jingoism.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying the 'jingo-ism' comment. I understand and agree with your explanation, and, that HRO ordinance was passed.

I dont know-I read this and other blogs frequently and usually enjoy the back and forth reparte. Myself, I'm a Deomcrat-moderate if I'm to be pigeon-holed politically, so in essence, I believe I am similar to Mr. Welsh in that, just a different political party.

Where i got upset and felt compelled to "break radio silence" with this particular subject, was the fact that the local cheerleader of our party, Mr. 46201, chose to spin it without acknowledging how painful it was to have to deal with our elected Council President, sit during the anthem. Wilson, I think you have a great working knowledge of who is who in the local Democrat party, gained through years of working with and for them, and you are no less 'snarky' (?) than a die hard Republican-although your comments "The GOP has forgotten issues and politics but descended into innuendo, gossip and personal chitchat against politicians" was more than hypocritical, especially with this issue which as I said before cuts across all party lines.

Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful reply, Erin. I'll do my submarine impression and sink beneath the waves of chit chat, keeping my 'scope above the waters to check out whats going on, political-wise.

-Bob Hislope

garyj said...

Screw you Wilson. Your babe, Droolia, wears a flag as clothing. Even more disgraceful than Monroe not standing!!!
You also seem to know a lot about "PeterEaters"
I confronted Gray after the meeting and he made no effort to apologize. I guess disrespect is second nature to him.

Anonymous said...

"Bitch Slapped" by GaryJ.
How does it feel Wilson? BAMM!!!

Wilson46201 said...

GaryJ: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

Anonymous said...

Monroe Gray was correct not to stand. No one should stand.

Pledge of Allegiance pictures http://rexcurry.net/pledge-allegiance-pledge-allegiance.jpg and Swastikas pictures http://rexcurry.net/swastika3clear.jpg expose shocking secrets about American history.

Socialists in the USA originated the Nazi salute, robotic group-chanting to flags, Nazism, flag fetishism, and the modern swastika as "S" symbolism for "Socialism." http://rexcurry.net/pledge2.html

Much of that history is the history of the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Those historical facts explain the enormous size and scope of government today, and the USA's growing police state. They are reasons for massive reductions in government, taxation, spending and socialism.

The "Nazi salute" is more accurately called the "American salute" as it was created and popularized by national socialists in the USA. It was the early salute of the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge was written by Francis Bellamy. http://rexcurry.net/pledgetragedy.html Francis Bellamy was cousin and cohort of Edward Bellamy. http://rexcurry.net/pledgebackward.html Edward Bellamy and Francis Bellamy were self-proclaimed socialists in the Nationalism movement and they promoted military socialism.

They wanted the government to take over education and use it to spread their worship of government. When the government granted their wish, the government’s schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official policy. The official racism and segregation was a bad example three decades before the National Socialist German Workers Party, and decades afterward.

The Pledge was mandated by law in government schools for three decades before, and through, the creation of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. http://rexcurry.net/bellamy-edward-karl-marx.html

see photo of Pledge of Allegiance http://rexcurry.net/USA-pledge-of-allegiance-rexcurrydotnet.jpg Pledge of Allegiance.

Many people do not know that the term "Nazi" means "National Socialist German Workers' Party." Members of the horrid group did not call themselves Nazis. In that sense, there was no Nazi Party. They also did not call themselves Fascists. They called themselves socialists, just as their name indicates.

The historian Dr. Rex Curry showed that the early Pledge Of Allegiance did not use an ancient Roman salute, and that the 'ancient Roman salute' myth came from the Pledge Of Allegiance. The discoveries have been reviewed and verified on wikipedia http://rexcurry.net/roman-salute-metropolitan-museum-of-art.html

The original pledge was anti libertarian and began with a military salute that then stretched out toward the flag. In actual use, the second part of the gesture was performed with a straight arm and palm down by children casually performing the forced ritual chanting. Due to the way that both gestures were used sequentially in the pledge, the military salute led to the Nazi salute. The Nazi salute is an extended military salute via the USA's Pledge Of Allegiance.

Media coverage about the discoveries continues to grow http://rexcurry.net/audio-rex-curry-podcast-radio.html

Fan mail for work exposing the Pledge’s poisonous pedigree is at http://rexcurry.net/pledge_heart.html

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The same symbol was used by the Theosophical Society during the time when the Bellamys, Freemasons and the Theosophical Society worked together to promote socialism.

They also originated and helped to spread the stiff arm salute via the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings.

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The USA is still the worst example in the world of bizarre laws that require robotic chanting to a national flag in government schools (socialist schools) every day for 12 years. It has changed generations of Americans from libertarians to authoritarians. The government bamboozled individuals into believing that collective robotic chanting in government schools daily is a beautiful expression of freedom. http://rexcurry.net/book1a1contents-pledge.html

Anonymous said...

For anyone who is interested- you can click right on garyj's name and follow to IndyU and- guess what? Word for word- identical comments as those posted here- even, the same comment that AI has in the story post.
Of course, there are much more offensive posts too to read through. Perhaps, garyj, you could explain the slight discrepancy of your "ass ripping" commented on on IndyU of Monroe after the meeting and your much more innocuous description here? No apology, you say? Boohoo. You treat people disrespectfully, right back at ya.

Anonymous said...

After reading 4:02's bizarre rant, the following phrase comes to mind:

'Check, please!'

Anonymous said...

Wilson! So much straying off topic and commenting on other posters! I thought you hated that!



It's so funny when Wilson gets flustered.

Anonymous said...

"GaryJ: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!"

Nice! A least Gary used the word "screw". And what's with the bestiality? What did the horse do to you Wilson? Could it be that you haven't had a date in a while?

Anonymous said...

Wilson dropped the F bomb..damn

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've heard WIlson in meetings, at rallies, and seen him multiple times. I've read his drivel here, too many times.

I've never, ever heard him drop the F bomb.

He hits a home run once or twice a month, and strikes out most of the time. Few in the party pay attention to him. But the F bomb was over the top. Completely and totally unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,

You're last 5 posts have been completely void of anything even faintly resembling intelligence. You do NOT have to post every random thought that you have as you read this post. If your little brain is telling you- "ignore Wilson" "Wilson dropped the f bomb", there is no need to post that for everyone else. We can all read, your recaps are neither needed nor witty- thank you for trying anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow Erin.
Although consistency is to be admired, maybe not so much in this case. I mean, when people point out a truth about Democrat mistakes or failures, your first tendency is to get distressed and comment on the commentators rather than the root issue, in this case, your boy Wilson. In other words, get upset about those who notice a problem, rather than the problem itself.

And you call those who notice a problem or mistake "little brained".

The irony is delicious! But you're consistent..

Anonymous said...

Uhh, and that would be what problem exactly?
"Your babe, Droolia, wears a flag as clothing"
""Bitch Slapped" by GaryJ. How does it feel Wilson? BAMM!!!". These incredibly brilliant comments clearly point to many problems. To which are you referring? Wilson's response, while crude, is certainly in line with what he was responding to.
Apparently you think the "problem" is Wilson's use of the "f bomb". You also apparently don't seem to understand that the comments that Wilson was responding to are equally offensive and uninteresting. I suppose that makes you...inconsistent!

Anonymous said...

"To which are you referring? Wilson's response, while crude, is certainly in line with what he was responding to"

Thats what I was referring to, dear.

This from a guy, Wilson, who made the bombastic statement "The GOP has forgotten issues and politics but descended into innuendo, gossip and personal chitchat "

-Like the Democrat party and shills like Wilson are annointed with saint-hood, and the foul-mouthed, gossipy GOP visigoths are uncouth.

Please. Put away your partisan defensiveness, look at the hypocritical irony, and you might even chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon,
still not following your point. You think there is nothing wrong with what Garyj said? Is that what you are saying? It seems to me that Bob Hislope (to whom that comment was addressed) made his point to Wilson quite clearly and articulately. If what has upset you (not knowing who you are I will just try to guess here) is that particular quote from Wilson- then, sure, you are right. Of course it is not only hypocritical, but also simply false, that Democrats always behave better than Republicans. I'm not arguing that point.
However, whoever you are, if you don't see the fact that to refer to the Congresswoman as "Droolia" is equally childish and disrespectful, then I really don't know what to say to you. Try this, you can ignore both Wilson and Garyj. Trying for outrage only about Wilson just doesn't fly.

garyj said...

Hey, Erin. Are you bothering to read the TIMESTAMP? I posted the story on my blog 10 hours before AI. The "ass ripping" comment on IndyU was not mine! I use my name and a way to contact, unlike some people (you) who will make up a name and use it because you are to scared to let your true identity be shown.
I was respectful to Mr. Gray , addressed him as "Mr. Gray" shook his hand, and then told him that he offended me as well as others in the room. I didn't notice any unusual looks on his face. Mr. Gray was also respecrful back to me. That does not mean he made any effort to apoplgize.
I am not offended by Wilson 46201 use of the "F" word. I hear it often.
Wilson is actually an intelligent guy. Even indyernie says that. Very articulate and well versed in the english language. He usually speaks (writes) like an educated man. And his sexuality has no bearing on the fact that people pick on him. He's a Democrat. My comment about "PeterEaters" was inappropriate.
Wilson has assisted me in contacting JCs office, which went no where, but I did get more response.
Maybe if Wilson would get on the right side of the fence, he would be a bigger help to this city.
Erin, YOU should get YOUR facts straight before you comment.
You got my e mail address. if you have a problem with me, stand up for yourelf and say it! Don't post under a ficticious name!
At least Wilson 46201 uses his !!

garyj said...

and I refer to Dan Burton as something a whole lot worse.
He was sleeping with his wifes nurse while his wife was dying from breast cancer.

Anonymous said...


First off, my real name is Erin. Because you don't know that doesn't make it not true. Second, your comment about "Droolia" was also inappropriate. Third, try reading before commenting- I didn't attribute that comment to you- I asked you to explain the "ass ripping" comments on IndyU. Fourth, in your post here, you said- "I guess disrespect is second nature to him." Now, oddly, you say- " Mr. Gray was also respecrful back to me."

Anonymous said...

Also Garyj, feel free to puruse the AI post about NUVO (archived) where I clearly identify who I am to Jeff.

garyj said...

He was respectful to me, not the flag, the military veterans or the country.
There was no "ass ripping" We were both polite and respectful to each other. If someone felt there was an ass ripping going on, there didn't hear what was said by either of us. I just informed Mr. Gray that it was disrespectful and people noticed.

Actually, Mr. Gray owes the Veterans a "Thank YOU" for giving him the freedom to sit during the recital. In Other countries, he would have been publicly executed!
He deserves a public slap on the wrist, not execution.

Anonymous said...

Garyj-- you're 8:58 post. ??? Did not know that- thought he was just a multiple divorce (accent on the e). You are a McGoff guy then?

indyernie said...

Erin you are wrong.
The story post didn't come from GaryJ, it came from me.

GaryJ was at the CCC meeting and he did confront Gray afterward.
Everything that you have read here from Gary or me is truthful.

Anonymous said...

Which he got and also did apologize for any disrespect felt. You know that Monroe is a veteran. That doesn't mean he should be disrespectful, it does mean that he shouldn't be trashed just because someone doesn't agree with his politics (and, yes, the same goes for all the R elected veterans).

Anonymous said...

Garyj- I used to have my e-mail on TDW (I don't think ever here), but took it off after getting some very bizarre emails. That is the story on that- not any attempt to hide who I am.

garyj said...

Erin, Mr. Gray DID NOT apologize to me last night. His reply was "I was trying to get the meeting started" If Phil Borst would have done it, I would have reacted the same way!
I do believe that he didn't notice what was going on around him, That may have been the confused look that someone mistook for an :"ass ripping". But every meeting starts the same, and how many has he been to? Enough said. He apologized to the Star!
No, I'm not a McGoff guy.
I knew Barb Burton personally, she was a wonderful lady. Why she stayed with Dan is a complete mystery!

going to bed now, 430 comes early!!
Ahev a sleepful night!!!!!

garyj said...

and my e mail is on my blog

indyernie said...

"An elected official who stands piously repeating these words- pledging to uphold our Constitution, zealously represent his/her constituents, who has the privilege to represent the people in our representative government- and then he falls ASLEEP during a meeting??? Wow, the horrifying"

Talk to Lonnell Conley, Democrat CCC.

As an Eagle Scout he stands and recites the pledge, then sleeps through most of the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Which is ridiculous...As is much of the behavior of both D and R's who stay awake..See my comments on Patrice, Mary M-A.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Erin who works for Julia Carson?

The same Erin who knows first hand that Wilson is a dirt diver for Julia Carson?

The same Erin who through her association with Julia Carson is a mudslinger too?

If so you have no creditability.

Gary, Erin is having a laugh at your expense, don’t take the bait. She and Wilson Allen are partners in crime. Both are stooges for Julia Carson and crew and both cannot be trusted.

Wilson46201 said...

"If so you have no creditability."

And if you are Jocelyn Tandy, you have no credit whatsoever since you have a whole pile of unpaid judgments against you -- easily confirmable on the Internet and CivicNet. Tandy needs to get an honest job and pay off her pile of debts instead of playing losing politics!

scratchman said...

wowie wowie--so much bickering and fighting--come on ppl let's make love and not war---allow me to straighten things out (if not already done so)

1. I was at the ccc meeting--and i didn't know anything about monroe not standing until it was mentioned to me--i was too busy focusing in the general direction of the flag--i assumed that everyone was standing.

2. hot could have that been an "innocent mistake"? especially for someone like a veteran--when we were taught in grade school just the words of "I pledge allegiance to the flag" was enough to make anyone look around to see why it was being said and to put themselves in check, so i fail to see how monroe got through the entire pledge AND the prayer without actually noticing.

3. wilso i believe you mentioned something asking "why wasn't there a republican to run against monroe?" need i remind you that moneroe is one of the at large candidates and as an at large candidate, no one republican runs specifically against him--it's simply a matter of 4 places and whoever the top 4 are, then those are the at larges etc...

4. i did see garyj speak to monroe after the meeting and as i understand it they seak quite often about matters affecting the council--but as it stands i think monroe's record speaks against him--i happen to ge good friends with the nephew of james trotter(you know the guy who is suing monroe for--errr sketchy decisions-we'll call it) and of course there's the pea shakes and the non for profits out of the droolia(yes i said it) carson bar etc--i could go on but my hands are starting to get sore. that's all for now

Wilson46201 said...

Monroe Gray is elected from District #8 and has no opponent. He is thus automatically re-elected by default.

Anonymous said...

I live in district #8. I would rather have no representation than Monroe Gray. I have no confidence.