Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Daniels Set To Announce Re-Election Next Month

Gov. Mitch Daniels is expected to formally announce his re-election bid on June 16 at Butler University's Hinkle Fieldhouse. There are already two announced Democratic opponents, including Senate Minority Leader Richard Young and architect Jim Schellinger. Former U.S. Rep. Jill Long Thompson may jump into the race as well.

If recent gubernatorial elections are any indication, Daniels has a pretty good chance of being re-elected to a second term. Indiana used to constitutionally limit Indiana governors to one term. Can anyone think of an Indiana governor elected to a full term who was defeated when he sought a second term? If my history is correct, the re-election rate is 100%. Otis Bowen was the first two-term governor. He was followed by Robert Orr, Evan Bayh and Frank O'Bannon, each of whom were elected to second terms.

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Anonymous said...

A precinct election officer or public official who knowingly fails to perform their job commits a Class D felony.

Why isn't Ed Treacy DEMANDING criminal charges & standing in the media spotlight???????