Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tully Likes Circus Analogy

Star political columnist Matt Tully likes my comparison of the Indiana General Assembly in my post yesterday judging from his column in today's paper entitled "The best and worst of the Statehouse circus." "Having the legislature in session is kind of like having the circus in town," he writes. "You might not be a big fan of the show. But it provides plenty of entertainment -- and a few clowns." He then uses the opportunity to hand out awards for the best entertainment.

Here's a few of them:

Best Quote: "There was a whopping, big net tax increase in there." Gov. Mitch Daniels offered this relatively minor criticism of a House property tax plan in February. Democrats objected, and Daniels took that as a cue to go silent for the rest of the session. Oh, how we missed his rhetorical ways.

Comment: Daniels was right when he said that. And his statement is still true of the plan which passed. The only difference now is that he likes the tax increase. "I hope all Hoosiers feel as happy and gratified as I do this morning," he said. Sorry, but I don't share your sentiments on this one, Governor.

The "What Were They Thinking?" Award: Lawmakers passed a bill raising their pay before dealing with issues such as the state budget, property tax relief and health care. The governor showed mercy by not vetoing the pay raise bill and promising to sign it after lawmakers completed their more serious work.

Comment: Agreed, but he failed to mention the additional $500 bonus lawmakers added in the 11th hour to reward key lawmakers for a "job well done."

Sideshow Award: This award goes to Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who stole the spotlight after using a slave analogy to describe the relationship between the Democratic Party and black voters. Compassionate black lawmakers publicly forgave him.

Comment: Agreed.

The "This Man Should Be Governor Some Day" Award: Sen. Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, was in the middle of almost every serious debate this session -- and from gambling to property taxes, his involvement in every instance meant better legislation.

Comment: Being there isn't enough. In the end, Kenley's ideas were shelved in favor of politically expedient ideas and Kenley went along for the ride.

The "I Can't Believe It's Not Better" Award: Did House Republicans really think it would be wise to criticize $550 million in property tax relief? Apparently so. House Minority Leader Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, said the property tax legislation was lacking. This sounds like a case of needing to learn how to be happy with what you can get.

Comment: Disagreed. Property taxes are still going to rise on average this year higher than they have in any recent year in memory, even with the $550 million in property tax relief. Is it not a lie to tell taxpayers they are being provided relief when their tax bills are still going up more than they can afford?


Wilson46201 said...

And no mention that Republican leader Brian Bosma plans to make Democratic blockage of anti-marriage SJR7 the leading GOP talking point?

Anti-gay prejudice and bigotry for the GOP sure trumps fiscal sanity or responsible government as issues!

Doug said...

Seems like Bosma played a large role in creating the factors that caused a 24% property tax increase. For him to get worked up over the inadequate response this year is disingenuous.

Farm Kid said...

Doug....How many ISTA backed Taj Mahal school buildings has Brian Bosma built? Seems to me property taxes are about local spending and the fact the Hoosiers are essentially powerless to stop it. Referendum or Revoulution!

Anonymous said...

iTully has got to be the laziest reporter in the state. So why should we expect anything other than the obvious from him? And even when the obvious is wrong, don't look to Tully to ever figure out. He is worthless. Absolutely worthless.

Also agree with Farm Kid. When Bosma starts building libraries and school Taj Mahals, that when I will start blaming him for property taxes. And let's be real: a state rebate funded by other state taxes (or in this case, one-time gambling licenses) is NOT property tax reform. It is a bandaid. Bosma had that one absolutely right. It's just reallly too bad that his over-the-top arrogant colleagues in the House of Lords couldn't figure that out.

Which brings me back to Tully. Kenley for governor? Sorry, you lazy, worthless hack. He already tried that and got CRUSHED. And if he wants to do it again, keep on cheering for him Matt. Your hero will be rightfully crushed again.

Wilson46201 said...

"Farm Kid" needs to get in a city and a library with free Internet access. There he would discover that taxes for homeowners arent rising because of rising government costs (his mythical Taj Mahals) but the result of years of shifting by the Legislature the tax share off of businesses and onto homeowners. Farmers also have been getting unprecedented tax breaks which also shifts taxes onto homeowners...

Anonymous said...

Now, Wilson, don't bother people with facts that don't fit their pre-conceived notions about the world.

Anonymous said...

You can make up stuff as much as you like, Wilson; and uninformed idiots like Anon 2:35 can follow along like sheep. But the simple fact is spending IS going up - by a lot! Have you somehow missed the neverending library construction? Have you somehow missed the nearly one BILLION dollars in new bonding by IPS? Have you somehow missed the lavish sports facilities and other expansion in Washington Twp? Have you somehow missed the college-sized football stadiums and the terrazo floors in Perry Township?

What rock are living under, Wilson and Anon 2:35? (Wilson, never mind. Please don't answer. We really do NOT want to know.)

Anonymous said...

Wilson, take a care ride outside of Center Township for once in your life. Out here in Hancock Co., Mt. Vernon schools wanted to buy a Taj Mahal pool with a Taj Mahal basketball stadium that added to bring a large building project to $120,000,000.00. Thankfully our township is not filled with sheeple that plauge Center township. The citizen bitch slapped the school board and the pro Taj Mahal folks back into reality. The shock wave was felt wide and far. One of the leaders against the credit card construction project was even elected to the school board. We now a much smaller building plan which will put learning first and sports a distant second.

Wilson46201 said...

So with the cheap-ass schools in Hancock County your homeowner taxes wont be going up as much but the shift off of business onto homeowners will still occur ... your homeowner taxes will be going up but farmers and corporations will pay less (and you'll have cheap-ass schools)