Friday, May 04, 2007

Ross: No White House Officials On D.C. Madam's List

Contradicting his own earlier claim, ABC News' Brian Ross said during the airing of 20/20's segment on the D.C. Madam tonight that no White House officials were included on Deborah Palfrey's customer list. “There are thousands of names, tens of thousands of phone numbers,” Ross said a week ago. “And there are people there at the Pentagon, lobbyists, others at the White House, prominent lawyers — a long, long list.” Ross added that the women who worked for the service, potentially as prostitutes, “include university professors, legal secretaries, scientists, military officers.”

Tonight, Ross could only recount the previously reported outing of Deputy Secretary of State Randall Tobias and Harlan Ullman, a renowned military analyst and Washington Times columnist. Ross also said there were no members of Congress, Republican or Democrat, on Palfrey's list. In fact, he conceded the list was largely comprised of average joes. Here's Ross, tonight, in his own words:

But as usually is the case in Washington, much of it is dull. There were no members of Congress that we could find in these phone records, no White House officials.

Quite frankly, but for the few exceptions, most of the men on this list just aren't newsworthy, not even as customers of the D.C. Madam's escort service.

Gee, you think Ross and ABC News may have over-hyped this story a wee bit just to improve ratings during sweepstakes week?


Wilson46201 said...

Why is AI going all socialist and criticizing a perfectly respectable business for trying for a little excess profit? It's the Free Enterprise American Way!

Maybe when conservative male-whore Jeff Gannon turns over his "trick list" will we see those White House officials turn up? There's still quite the untold story about how this totally unqualified prostitute could pass himself off to the White House security folk as a "journalist". Scary!

Anonymous said...

With reports that there were people who appeared on TV on that list, I suspect Ross just bought himself some favors.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, ABC News was hardly alone in over-hyping this story. As I recall, AI, had its own spin: something about it being a political plot against Republicans. One thing is for sure, there’s nothing about this story that doesn’t reek of the usual double standards crapola.