Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pence Favorite To Replace DeLay In Poll

Indiana’s Rep. Mike Pence is a big, early favorite of visitors over at to replace Tom DeLay as House Republican Majority Leader. Among possible contenders, including the two announced candidates, Roy Blunt and John Boehner, Pence is the favorite of 42% of respondents. Blunt and Boehner trail John Shadegg (AZ), a favorite of 15% of the respondents, with 10% and 9% of the votes, respectively.

Pence has yet to publicly state his intentions., which has a post promoting Pence’s candidacy, indicates that Rep. Mike Rogers (MI), a former FBI agent, is about to throw his hat into the ring.

The poll results, which asks the question “Who do you think would be the best replacement for Tom DeLay?” are as follows:

Roy Blunt (10 %)
John Boehner (9 %)
Eric Cantor (2 %)
Mike Pence (42 %)
John Shadegg (15 %)
Zack Wamp (4 %)
Other (18 %)
Total Votes: 351

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