Monday, January 16, 2006

Mullikin Plans Musical Entrance In Race to Unseat Bright

Brent Mullikin, an openly gay Republican, announces that he intends to file papers to run against State Rep. Billy Bright in the May primary for the District 69 House seat this Wednesday. Mullikin, who was part of the Singing Hoosiers for three years, will stop on the steps of the Capitol he reports to sing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” from Rogers and Hammerstein’s production of “Oklahoma” before he enters the building at 10:45 a.m.

We reported last August that Mullikin first made his campaign intentions known in an interview with the North Vernon Plain Dealer & Sun. As the paper’s Liam Rich described Mullikin:

[Mullikin] is not your run-of-the-mill baseball cap but rather a loudly flamboyant and wildly colorful, extra tall gentleman’s top hat that one cannot help but be intrigued by and instinctively drawn towards." A self-described "charismatic Reaganite" . . . Mullikin believes it is time for a little innovation in order to remedy the blights of today’s day and age that would have left our forefathers dumbfounded.

After he files his papers to run for the House seat, Mullikin plans a musical exit. He says he will return to the Capitol steps to sing, “Back Home Again in Indiana” before returning back home to Jennings County.

If you would like to contact Mullikin, you can reach him at


Randy said...

WOW--- if this guy can run from Jennings County-- why can't a few strong candidates -- openly gay or lesbian -- take on Scott Schneider or Ginny Cain. Or maybe even dream big-- take down Brian Bosma or *gasp* Brandt Hershman?

We have to stop waiting for the straight allies to do our work for us. Way to go Brent!

Kevin said...

I agree Randy. No one seems to have the courage to run as an openly gay person. Its a catch-22, they say a gay person can't win in Indiana, yet no one tries, so we really don't know.

I wish this candidate the best of luck (even if he IS republican) ;-)

Randy said...


there is always the "Nixon to China" theory that comes into play with these things. It was believed that only the true-blue hearted Anti-Communist Nixon could have defrosted relations with both China and the USSR as he did in his second term. Any liberal President would have had to watch his back.

With this in mind, I do believe that both the first woman and first African American Presidents will be Republican. They will have to prove themselves NOT beholden to a certain interest group to win broad support. I doubt that will be either Colin Powell or Condi Rice... but....

For Mullikin, the added advantage must be that he is running in a Republican stronghold -- so running as Democrat wouldn't help. Eh... if you look at the voting record of Southern Indiana Democrats -- who'd know the difference between them and the Dobsons of the world?