Sunday, January 08, 2006

Monroe Gray Likely To Be New Indy Council President

Democrat members of the Indianapolis city-county council expect Majority Leader Monroe Gray to face off against Steve Talley for council president. Observers believe Gray will garner more support from his colleagues than will Talley when the Democrats caucus before tomorrow night’s council meeting. If a majority favors Gray, expect Talley to drop his bid and support Gray. Talley will not look to council Republicans as he did last year to win the position.

Democrats anticipate that Sherron Franklin, an IPD police officer, will be a renegade and support Republican Minority Leader Phil Borst for council president—this in retaliation for fellow council Democrats voting to merge the police and sheriff departments late last year. With a bloc of 14 Republican council members and Sherron Franklin, Borst would have the 15 votes to win. But at least one Republican council member will not be there for Borst, cancelling out Franklin’s vote. When the dust settles, Monroe Gray will likely be the new council president, with or without Franklin’s support.

UPDATE: Monroe Gray was elected President of the city-county council on a 15-13 vote along party lines. Outgoing President Steve Talley delivered a tearful and conciliatory speech as he announced his intentions to step aside in favor of Gray. Councilor Langsford was absent from the meeting as his guard unit has been mobilized for active duty.


Bil Browning said...

This is just my opinion, but I think Steve Talley will hold on to his council presidency. He just got the police merger and the HRO passed - he's accomplished quite a bit recently. It's also my understanding that some democrats have some issues with Monroe Gray becoming president. Not that they don't like him, mind you, just some hesitancy... I think Talley's position is secure. But we'll find out tomorrow!

Advance Indiana said...

It is definitely a divided caucus. I think there are enough Democrats that just won't forgive Talley for using the Republican caucus to oust Boyd last year, even with those 2 big victories late in the year. Given Talley's commitment to support the candidate receiving the most votes in the caucus, I think the party will unite behind Gray, save Franklin. Anything could happen though.

Bil Browning said...

Okay, I take it back. Steve Talley has dropped out of the race for Council President. Monroe Gray it is.