Saturday, January 07, 2006

DeLay Out For Good--New Leaders On The Way

Bowing to pressure from sympathetic supporters to clean up their act, House Republicans in Congress now appear ready to clean House. Fox News reported this morning that Republican operative Ed Gillespie had been dispatched by party honchos to deliver the bad news to House Majority Leader In Exile Tom DeLay that he must give up his leadership post for good.

According to the report, House Speaker Dennis Hastert will hold elections for all House Republican leadership spots later this month. Don’t be surprised to see Rep. Mike Pence make a move for the top spot. What about Hastert?  Some think his position may not be so secure either as once thought.

This is indeed welcome news. Now Congressional Republicans must begin the task of enacting necessary lobbying reforms, including a ban on all lobbyist paid travel.

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