Friday, January 27, 2006

Marion Co. Dems Want To Promote Anti-Gay Councilor

Democrats are trying to convince Indianapolis city-county councilor Mary Moriarty Adams she should enter the House District 89 race against incumbent Rep. Larry Buell (R) according to the Indiana Legislative Insight. Adams, you may recall, was one of just two Democratic members of the city-county council to vote against the HRO last year--both times.

Marion Co. Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy leaned heavily on Democratic city-county council members last year to support the HRO, even threatening to withhold the support of the party in the 2007 city elections if they did not support the anti-discrimination ordinance. Why then is Adams being offered a promotion of sorts?

Apparently Treacy gives Adams a pass on the HRO because of her "special circumstances." Translated, that means she has had to deal with homosexuality issues within her own family; therefore, it is perfectly understandable that she wouldn't like gay people, and that she would support discrimination against them. It's just everyone else that's supposed to be tolerant.

Shame on the Marion Co. Democrats if they make her Buell's opponent. It's bad enough that the Marion Co. GOP finds so many gay bashers to run for office. When the Democrats do the same, they offer little choice for voters who care about non-discrimination. They could run former House Democratic staffer Andy Stoner again, but apparently they aren't excited about his candidacy.

Buell is already facing a Republican primary race from Arsenal Tech teacher Michael Batz (R) who unsuccessfully challenged Buell in the 2004 primary. If Batz is smart, he will clobber Buell with his unabashed support for the health insurance for life perk he and other lawmakers voted for themselves. That is one issue that will resonate with many voters in his district. We don't know much about Batz, but we would like to hear more about him.


Obob said...

odd question: What is the current political direction of Black ministers in Indy? There appears to be a trend to the Right, could this action been taken to appease or contain that particular vote?

Gary R. Welsh said...

The district in question is a mostly white, middle class district. I doubt that entered into the equation. The group of black ministers who fought the HRO were mostly out of the main stream, representing very small churches.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Dems don't think queers live in that district. Big mistake on their part. Unbelievable.