Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Media Laments Criminal Justice Center's Demise

Only in Indianapolis would the news media be working side-by-side helping the corrupt Ballard administration push its $1.75 billion criminal justice center boondoggle everyone knew had its share of bribes, payoffs and kickbacks for everyone the downtown mafia wanted to share in the windfall yet another major public construction project promises. It is entertaining watching folks like Russ McQuaid, Mary Milz and Brian Eason lament the failure of the council to take an up-or-down vote on the controversial measure before the deadline. The horror stories have already started about how much more it's going to cost Indianapolis taxpayers because the council looked this supposed gift horse in the mouth. I know what the dirty pols lose if this deal doesn't go forward, but what do these media folks lose? Why the long faces? At least Adam Collins' long face can be explained to a lost job opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

With brain-dead faux journalists who can barely read the news yet alone truly assimilate and understand it, egos like Russ McQuaid, Mary Milz and Brian Eason are the poster people of why I reject local broadcast "news" (AND lame-stream national propaganda broadcasts as well).

All most of these low-talent persons do is vomit up the talking points fed to them on a daily basis. Why work when you can be a parrot?