Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What Was He Thinking?

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IEDC's Katelyn Prentice Twitter Photo
Bart Peterson, Jim "Rent-A-Civic leader" Morris and  Mike O'Connor, all avowed enemies of Mike Pence determined to run him out of office, huddle just feet away as Pence discusses his busy travel schedule during his latest junket to China. You can't help a guy who is putting the noose around his own neck.  


Anonymous said...

When will the rest of the state wake up and declare war on Indianapolis?

Anonymous said...

I've heard it said in politics that when your opponent is hanging himself, remain quiet and get out of the way. One of the wooden Mike Pence's failings is that he seems to put on the noose quite often.

Pence: NOT POTUS material, long past his RINO R sell date, not a distinctive congressional term and certainly not a distinctive gubernatorial tenure, that's for sure. Oh, yeah, this commenter usually voted "R" through the years although for the hell of it I often wonder why... absolutely no real distinction between Establishment Republicans and Liberal Democrats... no real concrete philosophical difference.

Flogger said...

Well there is old saying - Keep you friends close, and your enemies closer.

What is it that Pence is not delivering to the Ruling Elite that they are so upset with him???

Eric Morris said...

I guess those "Pence must Go" signs I see as I dodge potholes worked! Any chance we can get all government employees to offshore permanently?