Thursday, May 28, 2015

Married DC Attorney Was Killed By Lesbian He Met On Craigslist He Thought Was A Man

Jamyra Gallmon
A 30-year old D.C. attorney who worked at one of the world's most prestigious law firms thought he was meeting another guy for sex last February at a hotel just blocks from the White House whom he met on Craigslist. David Messerschmitt, a married man originally from Cincinnati who worked for the international law firm DLA Piper, checked into a room on February 10 at the Donovan Hotel with a laptop computer, condoms, lube and an enema ready for hardcore action. When his online hook-up showed up and turned out to be a woman, things turned really bad.

The person who entered Messerschmitt's hotel room was a 21-year old woman, Jamyra Gallmon, who had graduated from Forestville Military Academy in Maryland where she was described as an "exemplary" student. Gallmon told police things turned violent when the two began arguing and Messerschmitt grabbed her arm. That's when she says she pulled out a knife and stabbed him multiple times. Gallmon fled with $40 she found in Messerschmitt's wallet and his Metro travel card.

According to the Daily Mail, police say Gallmon's 19-year old girlfriend, Dominique Johnson, conspired with her to rob Messerschmitt. Johnson waited outside the hotel for Gallmon, who pleaded guilty this week to second degree murder. Johnson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery after she admitted to police she knew of Gallmon's plan when she accompanied her to the hotel.

This case reminds me of the killing of a prominent Indianapolis attorney, Donald Jackson, in 1988. Jackson, who was the president of the local bar association, was married with children but liked hooking up with young rent boys who hung out around the Central Library downtown on the down low. Jackson decided to kick off his 4th of July weekend a little early. He took his trick to some cheap, sleazy motel on the west side where he was later found stabbed to death without any identification on him. Police had to furnish a sketch of Jackson to the media for help in identifying him since he hadn't been reported missing. One of his law partners got the job of going down to the morgue to identify him. When police finally caught up with the young hustler who stabbed him to death, he said he acted in self-defense because Jackson became too rough with him during sex. A jury bought it, finding him guilty of the lesser charge. The assailant's small stature compared to Jackson's comparatively towering size made an impression on the jurors.
Murdered: 30-year-old David Messerschmitt, pictured with his wife Kim Vuong, was stabbed in the groin, abdomen and heart. He was killed after soliciting for gay sex on Craigslist, police have said
David Messerschmitt with his wife, Kim Vuong

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