Monday, May 18, 2015

Pence To Formally Announce Re-Election Bid Next Month

Indiana State Republican Party Chairman Jeff Cardwell released the following statement this evening regarding Gov. Mike Pence's plan to announce his bid for re-election at the party's spring dinner next month. My question is who decided Primo Banquet Hall was a good place to host the spring dinner?
"Gov. Mike Pence is a conservative leader and dedicated public servant who always puts Indiana first," Cardwell said. "Under his leadership, our state's fiscal health is strong and we are outpacing the nation in job growth. In fact, more than 100,000 private sector jobs have been created since Pence took office. He also followed through on his promise to put education first this legislative session by making an historic investment in our children, teachers and schools. We are excited the governor will formally announce his plans to seek re-election during our annual Spring Dinner, and we look forward to hearing his ideas for the future of our great state."
Carmel automobile dealer Bob Thomas has indicated he plans to run against Pence in next year's Republican primary. He's the guy who spent about $600,000 of his own money trying to beat former U.S. Rep. Mark Souder in the Third District's Republican primary in 2010 and lost by about 14 points. At one time, he had talked about running for Bayh's Senate seat in 2010 reclaimed by Dan Coats and later at a 2012 Republican primary challenge to Richard Lugar but passed on both races.


Anonymous said...

The Daniels Cartel will make sure Pence fails to get re elected!

Anonymous said...

Dense Pence, get off the fence,
you misrepresent, no moral sense.
Statutory offense, Christian pretense, hasty defense.
Electorate tense, you might say incensed,
Commence the lobbying expense
Dimwitted bastard, no commonsense
Whence cometh the fall
for dense Pence

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:37's kindergarten composition is typical liberal Democrat emotional drivel... a kind of SNL precept where mocking and hate and bigotry equates to intellectual discourse. It is fine for liberal Democrats to mock, hate, and deride but God forbid anyone with an alternative political philosophy dare to be so hypocritical. Think George Stephanopolous. Rhythmical slogans with no substantive underpinnings are the hallmark of liberal left Democrat "thought" and Anon 10:37 represents the Democrat haters with flying colors.

As one who has little choice but to most often vote Republican, I never considered Mike Pence the best choice for just about any office. Pence's foolish reliance on RINO and self-promoter extraordinaire Jeff Cardwell is again proof Pence is completely clueless about the people with whom the Governor surrounds himself. Cardwell has many sycophants on his coat tails- they are the so-called "moderately-Democrat" Republicans who need the business with the Party and the State to keep their little empires going. I could name names and in the future I just might. Like a certain City printer whose Democrat wife kept the business going with all that City business, the cronyism of both Democrats and Republicans in power is just staggering.

Cardwell is angling for greater positions of influence and power, do not kid yourself. He is a tool of the pay-to-play special interests. How do I know? You, as have I, can have conversations with this guy and his political "advice" to you will inform you exactly who and what he is. The highest bidder will own Jeff Cardwell's allegiance and his assistance to help if that is what his establishment Republican manipulators/"leaders"/managers desire.

All that being said, there is not one Democrat on the scene, or waiting on the sidelines, to whom I would trust the State Treasury or the power that comes with the Governor's office. If the best a liberal Democrat can offer me is a cult slogan bordering on religious fanaticism, I shall pass.

Anonymous said...

Pence's chief opponent from the 2012 campaign, Democrat John Gregg, announced Thursday he would run for governor again.
Gregg, a former Indiana House speaker, recently told the Indianapolis Star that Pence's actions, including fighting with Ritz and the religious freedom "debacle", had given the state a bad name.
"The governor had done what he said he wasn't going to do. I thought he was going to focus on the economy, I thought he was going to focus on creating good paying jobs and improving our education system," Gregg said. "He's focused on nothing but social issues, which was his record in Congress, and those social issues do nothing but divide us."
Gregg narrowly lost to Pence in 2012, but Pence successfully avoided most talk of the hot-button social issues in that campaign that he had championed in Congress.
But Gregg's campaign announcement comes a little more than a month after Pence took a massive, national public relations hit for signing Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law.

Anonymous said...

Pence is not the greatest governor we've ever had but isn't it time we put away this foolishness about the "hit" Indiana took regarding the phony RFRA issue?

Many other states have an RFRA-type act in place and where are THEIR supposed PR "hits"??? Nowhere, that's where.

Geez, Freedom Indiana types, give it a rest and quit with the liberal lies for crying out loud.

When I can see substantive, documented analyses of just the "financial devastation" all these states' RFRA laws allegedly cause, then you will have my attention.

As for now, there is zero proof. This out gay adult is no fan of Pence at all but I am neither a fan of deception and lie when it comes to RFRA.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court is going to strike down gay marriage in June. Pence will be vindicated. The issue will be off the table, and Pence will get re-elected. The militant homosexuals will have been beaten back, and they will learn how very little power they have.

Anonymous said...

That’s precious. The “militant homosexuals will be beaten back.” Is that what passes for Republican talking points these days. I guess you could call that a “fairy tale.” Emphasis added. The Supreme Court will slap down conservative bigots with an affirmation of gay marriage in June. And it will “rear-end” hapless republican whiners by shooting down their challenge to Obamacare this term as well. Just today Boehner was pontificating that republicans will suffer a huge backlash if 7 million insureds are dumped from the rolls of the insured because of the republicans silly challenge, and that the backlash would cost the republicans seats, so he pooh poohed the likelihood. Keep it up republicans. As long as you push a deep tea party conservative christian agenda, you lose and then you lose again.