Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bloomberg Reports On The Outrageous Bond Swap Payments Indiana Is Making To Goldman Sachs, Indiana Media Still Silent

Call it a conspiracy or silence or something else, the fact is that nobody in the mainstream media in Indiana thought it important enough to report that the state of Indiana is refinancing bond swap agreements that will require it to pay $106 million in termination fees to Goldman Sachs, the principal underwriter of the new bonds, for the publicly-financed Lucas Oil Stadium and Indiana Convention Center. Advance Indiana told you about it last week. The out-of-state business news service, Bloomberg, reports on it today. It found out about the transaction by reading Advance Indiana, but like all of these elitist media organizations, they will never attribute stories to blogs, particularly this one. They do attribute quotes to fellow blogger Pat Andrews, commenting on Advance Indiana's report. I guess they didn't like Advance Indiana's slam at the Wall Street banksters who continue to rape and pillage this country.
The public’s share of the cost of the $720 million Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis just got higher.
The Indiana Finance Authority, which borrowed for the home stadium of the Indianapolis Colts National Football League team, is paying about $71 million to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to end an interest-rate swap as part of a bond sale to refinance debt.
The transaction shows how borrowers in the $3.6 trillion municipal-bond market are still extricating themselves from the contracts after the financial crisis caused the deals to backfire. Issuers have paid at least $9 billion to unwind the transactions, which are agreements to exchange floating interest payments for fixed, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
“They have so much money tied up in sports, I don’t think they care about the taxpayers,” said Pat Andrews, a local blogger and community activist. “They pay $71 million for this, but then they turn around and tell us they don’t have enough money for streets and sidewalks and sewer lines.”
The swaps are bets on interest rates made on debt with yields that reset. They were intended to save money when interest rates rose, but most failed to do so when yields fell as the Federal Reserve kept borrowing costs near historic lows.
The authority is refinancing $273.2 million of debt sold in 2005 and 2007 to finance the 63,000-seat stadium.
The payment to Goldman Sachs is being funded from a $296.5 million bond sale that it lead-underwrote May 4 for the Indiana Finance Authority. 
The bank also is being paid $34.7 million to unwind a swap on a separate issue to refinance debt sold for the Indiana Convention Center, according to bond documents. Michael DuVally, spokesman for Goldman Sachs, declined to comment. 
The refunding allows the authority to replace the debt with fixed-rate bonds as yields aren’t far from historical lows, Dennis Bassett, head of the authority, said in an e-mailed statement “We feel confident that we achieved the goal of reducing a range of financial risks and creating additional value,” said Bassett. 
The financing of the stadium prompted local officials to raise hotel, restaurant and rental car taxes, and generated about $43 million of unexpected financing costs related to sports and convention facilities. Officials have previously restructured the debt after the collapse of the auction-rate securities market in 2008.


Anonymous said...

The mainstream media which is completely separate from "journalism" will never give you the credit you deserve, Gary, but we loyal readers know the invaluable service you provide.

Most citizens are clueless about Economic Theory and "Government Finance" Practices. Ask any alleged intellectual to compare and contrast Keynsian and Austrian economic theory and you will get blank stares. Ask about the Cartrashians or cable's Empire and you will get specifics and opinion for days.

Democrat and Republican politicians sell us down the river every day with their borrowing to support their utopian dreams to better society as they see fit. Then they churn the borrowing to support crony attorneys, bond sellers, big banks, etc. Until the voters educate themselves beyond the religious cult of slogan politics, we will continue to be held financial slaves to the system.

Anonymous said...

So, this is going on while a former "High flying Investment Banker" for Goldman Sachs is dead in a bar on Mass Ave. Conspiracy theorists would say something nefarious is occurring....

Gary R. Welsh said...

Lanter stopped working at Goldman Sachs in 2011. No connection to what happened to him when he allegedly showed up drunk at a normally calm and peaceful jazz bar on Mass Ave.

Eric Morris said...

Anon at 858am: Woohoo! Someone else knows the Austrians such as Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe. Hopefully you are an adherent.

Pete Boggs said...

Utopian dreams of statists are dystopian nightmares for those who value liberty.