Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Brizzi Hits Keep On Coming

Fox 59's Russ McQuaid follows up on the IBJ's story this weekend about how Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi cut a deal with a drug dealer represented by his business partner, Paul Page, a local criminal defense attorney. In a startling statement, Brizzi defended his handling of the case. Brizzi claimed the case of Joseph Mobarecki was handled just like any other case. "In this case, the prosecution and defense each wanted specific deals but a compromise was struck, which means that the defense did not get what it wanted," Brizzi said. Instead of serving 10 years in prison, the deal Brizzi cut with Mobarecki let him off with only two days in jail, and he got $10,000 returned to him that had been seized by police during his arrest. The deal also allows Mobarecki to reduce his one felony charge to a misdemeanor.

McQuaid confirms my earlier report that Mobarecki's customers included some prominent professional athletes. He also notes that a local high school coach was one of Mobarecki's customers as well. If you check Brizzi's campaign finance records, you will discover that one of his largest campaign contributors is a prominent plastic surgeon who wrote prescriptions for pain killers to Colts owner Jim Irsay. Brizzi swept that investigation under the rug several years ago in order to protect Irsay. Irsay had an addiction to prescription drugs and several local doctors were writing prescriptions for him knowing that he had an addiction. Irsay had to be treated for drug overdoses on several occasions.


karma09 said...

How does Larry Broeder keep his job after fronting out Brizzi and Wyser like this?

Broeder should get a serious look at greater responsibility, because he, unlike Brizzi and Wyser, clearly takes his job seriously.

McQuaid's reporting continues to be spectacular, along w/ the IBJ.

Will the GOP power brokers continue to be bled to death by Brizzi and Wyser's disgusting and dangerous behavior? Or will they finally call for both their resignations at long last?

They take campaign cash from the dad of a murderer, and then cut the murderer loose a month later. That's Wyser's signature on the document. They take campaign cash from the very defense attorneys who come trolling for these deals.

They don't come close to passing the laugh test anymore. They are charlatans and frauds, funded by dirty money, hoping the populace just doesn't watch Channel 59.

At this point, a jury of defense attorneys could see through the deceipt and corruption. Right Dave?

Unknown said...

As for Russ's report tonight, did anyone notice where Paul Page's Florida condo is? Yeah, right there in La Scala, located in Naples (Collier County,) Florida. Nice little online appraisal district they have there that makes it really easy for you to type Paul's name in.

Oh, Carl, do you allgedly have another little time bomb ticking, don't you? Isn't it allegedly a $10M default on a project called....LA SCALA? Right there where Paul Page has that nice million dollar condo....well, it was a million or so until the recent correction...but exclusive parts Naples is kind of like Williams Creek, isn't it? Only so much supply, but lots of demand....unlike an inner city part of Elkhart, Indiana where there is a ton of supply and no demand...know what I mean?

Marycatherine Barton said...

No wonder so many people do not respect lawyers. They need to clean up their associations.