Thursday, April 22, 2010

The $200 Million Question

Democratic mayoral hopeful Brian Williams releases this new ad questioning the math being tossed around repeatedly by Mayor Greg Ballard concerning the amount of money the sale of the water and sewer utilities to Citizens Energy will generate for the City of Indianapolis. I don't understand why Ballard insists on using his bogus numbers, but this is the same guy who claimed the City would lose 66,000 jobs if we didn't bail out the CIB. Hat tip to IPOPA.


Unknown said...

Where are the comments from Melina????

Marycatherine Barton said...

Since Kennedy,D. proved herself unable to defeat the cretinous Brizzi,R., even though from the date that I was elected Surveyor up until her race for prosecutor, all the other Democrats won their county-wide seats, with all those running with her county-wide winning, perhaps the Democrats come Primary Day should choose Williams (or another) to go up against the cretinous Ballard. In my opinion, Brian definitely would defeat the incumbent. Great ad!

M Theory said...

Of all the candidates, Williams is the one I want to learn more about. I've ruled out everyone else.

Melina Kennedy is not an option after reading what Ted (of Hollywood Bar & Filmworks) had to say about her tactics.

indyernie said...

If this is all that Williams has... he's in trouble.
Ballard has a HUGE approval-rating citywide.
Williams and Kennedy both will prove to be an embarrassment to the democrat party. You D's should really look deeper within your base if you expect to give Ballard a real match.
Williams hasn't a snowballs chance in hell of winning this election.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Ernie, You've lost all credibility when it comes to Ballard. He doesn't have a prayer of being re-elected. You're the only one who worked for his election in 2007 that still supports him. The rest of us are doing all we can to ensure his political career is over permanently ended.

indyernie said...

Gary I respectfully disagree.
Ballard has high marks across Indy with the rank and file voters. I hear daily from business contacts that he is doing OK.
I remember what Grandma always said...
"You don't change horses in the middle of the stream as long as it’s backbone fits your butt bone".

As long as his approval ratings stay high, Ballard will be unbeatable.

Blog Admin said...

Ernie might be drinking a bit of the kool-aid. I asked Fox 59 about Ballard's approval rating and they had no recent poll on hand. That means any poll anyone is talking about (IE Abdul) is likely an internal/push poll.

M Theory said...

Gary...IndyErnie is not the only one that still supports Ballard, HOWEVER, those of us who don't wear partisan blinders cannot support our "no new tax" mayor who wants to give $15 million to the Simons and who is working this squirrelly deal with Citizens Gas.

Citizens Gas customers need to look closely at their bills for the last several years and add up those mysterious "service & delivery" charges not based in a real cost number that the gas company can provide.

I smell a big graft rat at Citizens Gas that is not about "trust" or the citizens.

Unknown said...

hello, I was recently informed of a federal investigation of clinton county abusing their judicial powers. Their may be a possible class action lawsuit. is thier any way you could possibly email me any info you find? my email is "" thank you for your time.

indyernie said...

In these times 'I'll keep my God, my freedom, my gun and my money.

Anyone that supports this insanity can keep "THE CHANGE".

Student I've read what you call a blog...tisk, tisk, tisk... does anyone read it? Ever get a comment?
Kool-aid? I’ve had a cup or two during my years on this earth. FOX News isn't an all-knowing organization. I’m ready to put up or shut up...are you? How about fifty bucks?
Ballard wins you donate to Riley Hospital in my name. If he looses I donate in your name...wanna bet?

Blog Admin said...

Ernie, I don't write my blog for anyone else but me. If people choose to comment or not, that's their decision. Though I do have readers, apparently you're one of them. Thanks for reading.

I never said Ballard wasn't going to win. I just said the anonymous polling statistics Abdul and you cite are meaningless.

I had a whole paragraph typed up explaining how polls work and that the level of disclosure relates to the quality of the poll, but I'm not going to bother to repeat myself.

I think Ballard's chances of re-election are 50-50, and that's if Melina Kennedy is their nominee. The voting public, even in a Democrat leaning county, isn't thrilled about Peterson 2.0.

But if Williams, Evans, or someone else gets the nod, watch out.

Blog Admin said...

Of course, Ernie, I'm willing to admit I could be wrong. You can prove me wrong easily. Cite the poll that shows Ballard has huge approval ratings.

indyernie said...

Evans hasn't a chance. He couldn't slap his own ass with both hands during a rainstorm.
Williams is an unknown and he’s pissed off half of the democrats.
Melinda is Peterson Lite, she's too dumb to know she hasn't a chance.
Ballard will cake walk into another term and he deserves to do so.

Blog Admin said... citation on these mysterious sources for the vague poll numbers you cite?

indyernie said...

In time you will see the results.

The D's have taken a poll, I wonder why they havent released the numbers.

Blog Admin said...

"In time?" Then why are you bragging about these mysterious poll results now?

Ernie, you'd never take Andre Carson at his word. Why should I take you at yours. It's a poll. Numbers are simple. Why won't you disclose them?

BTW, nice deflection. However, I don't see Terry Burns citing anonymous polling stats. You and Abdul, however, are.