Monday, April 26, 2010

FBI Should Investigate Stoesz Allegation

A former candidate for Hamilton Co. prosecutor charges that the former press secretary for Carl Brizzi, a supporter of David Wyser for prosecutor, made a phone call to him earlier this year and threatened his criminal defense practice if he didn't drop his bid against Wyser. "The dispute stems from a telephone call in February from Mario Massillamany -- at the time a Brizzi aide and Wyser's co-worker in the Marion County office -- to Tim Stoesz, brother and law partner of Steve Stoesz," the Star reports. "Tim Stoesz said that in the telephone call, Massillamany warned that Steve Stoesz's criminal defense practice 'would have a hard time getting any plea deal for his clients out of Mr. Wyser if he challenged Wyser in the primary," the Star continued. "Tim Stoesz said he recorded the telephone call from Massillamany, who later resigned from the Marion County prosecutor's office after a drunken-driving arrest in March."

It's clear Hamilton Co. Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp won't get around to investigating Stoesz' allegation. The FBI should step in and take a look at these allegations. If the recorded phone call exists, it is a serious criminal matter and another black mark on the administration of Carl Brizzi.


I know said...

I wonder why the other blogs refuse to chime in and request the same thing. One would think after a while even the lawyers in Indianapolis would get tired of the thieves and crooks in their own den and trot over to Pennsylvania Avenue and tell the FBI what they all know in person about this everyday sleaze.

Some of us small folks have tried but the system of lawyers in town seems to still look the other way as some of their own just keep right destroying people.

A luncheon with Acting US Attorney Morrison and the group of fed up lawyers might get something done.

Do it on the cheap and brown bag it in his office and take him his lunch and invite the FBI. Maybe breaking bread might bring some justice to Indianapolis. God knows it needs it.

Carlos F. Lam said...

If Stoesz has the recording, let him release it. Indeed, I challenge him to provide it to Gary so that Gary can put it up on Advance Indiana. The allegations are serious, so let's see some serious proof.

karma09 said...

Wyser and Massillamany have already acknowledged that the call was made, and have not denied Stoesz' rendition of what was said. Rather, they have tried to charactarize it, totally lamely, as a "joke," and that Mario was acting on his own in speaking to Stoesz.

I have no doubt that without the recording, however, Wyser and Massillamany would have denied the call was ever made. Their lack of denial demonstrates the veracity of the Stoesz claim all by itself.

I agree it would be rather entertaining to listen to the call itself, for an inside look at how Wyser and company conduct their business, but there is no doubt about what took place, just the exact wording used. I imagine the language was not the most polite either way.

Carlos F. Lam said...

karma09, even if Wyser & Massillamany acknowledge that the call was made, I still want to hear the actual recording. I want to hear the context & Massillamany's demeanor. I want to hear what Stoesz said. More importantly, if Stoesz believes that he was wronged, why wouldn't he want Massillamany's candidate (Wyser) to take the hit in the court of public opinion...unless Stoesz in some way benefits from keeping the recording under wraps. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and that goes for Wyser, Massillamany, and Stoesz.

Again, I call on Stoesz to release the recording to Gary & allow Gary to post it on AI.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks for calling on the FBI to use its resources (although it has been behaving as if it has other priorities not to my liking of in accord with the Constitution) to investigate Stoesz's allegation, AI. How about it, FBI! All of the suggestions in these comments are also wonderful.