Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Poll Worker Killed Today In Traffic Accident

Victor Risch (Provided Photo)
It's a sad day for the family of 74-year old Victor Risch. He was struck by another vehicle and killed while on his way to work the polls early this morning near South Meridian Street and Banta Trail on the City's south side. News reports indicate Risch was driving a rental van while his car was being serviced and a door came open, causing some items to fall into the street. Risch apparently went back to retrieve the items when he was struck by another vehicle in the street. Initial reports suggested it was a hit-and-run. At least one driver who struck Risch stopped and was questioned by police. It's still not clear whether Risch had been struck by another vehicle before this motorist hit him. Anyone with information about the incident should contact Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.


Eric Morris said...

No disrespect to this man and his grieving family, but proves my point: you are more likely to die to or from voting than your vote being the single deciding vote, not even taking into account there's no difference between the two political parties anyway. May he rest in God's peace.

Anonymous said...

That has to be about the stupidest comment I've ever heard.