Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monroe Co. Sheriff Supports Pension Cuts To Save Taxpayer Dollars

Monroe Co. Sheriff Brad Swain doesn't think that it's right that a member of his department can draw a pension upon their retirement at age 55 or older regardless of how long they've worked for the department. Swain believes only long-term employees should qualify for pensions. He's right.

Sheriff Swain points out that taxpayers are paying out $48,000 a year for two former sheriffs and another former department employee, all three of whom are also drawing pensions from other law enforcement agencies. "A person serving as Sheriff two terms can work here eight years and draw as much, if not more, on his pension than a deputy that worked 30 years," Swain told Fox 59 News.

Swain said Morgan and Greene Counties are already implementing a change he wants Monroe Co. Commissioners to adopt. It sounds like this is a good idea state lawmakers should consider taking up. Taxpayers cannot afford generous pension benefits being offered to public employees over the long haul. Illinois taxpayers are learning that lesson the hard way. State and municipal governments are being pushed to the brink of bankruptcy because of the spiraling costs of public pension benefits.


Anonymous said...

One could be aboard with this so long as stupid people didn't get involved. A fireman, for instance, maybe we want to hire him at age 20 and have the best part of his life physically fit until some arbitrary age like 45. Same with Police? Heavy [physical demands are made on these people and greater risks to them exist. That said, pensions beginning at age 55 are too generous, maybe age 70 would be more reasonable these days. Often enough, however, folks want to steal these benefits via inflation, for one, or in the case next door West. Public sector unions have corrupted the process in both states.

Josh said...

Pretty sure all this pension stuff will become a non issue when the world economy finally dies from the death blow of 2008.

Anonymous said...

This is just Political bull shit. Do not confuse the Sheriff pension with the Perf police and firefighter pension. Must be election year for the sheriff and he is not getting the support from a former sheriff.

Do not compare what is going on in Illinois to the 1977 Indiana pension fund which his completely funded.

Sheriffs get full Social Security and the local police and fire do not. Check the Windfall Elimination section of Social Security.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why there are a zillion
candidates for a sheriff's race when
there's no incumbent running.

Check out the value of ex-Sheriff
Dant's retirement in this NFP case
on his divorce that went to the
Indiana COA which was recently

$1.1 million. Yes $1.1 million.
Not too shabby.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:33 said "Sheriffs get full Social Security and the local police and fire do not"

Yea, that's because police and fire unions paid off enough people to get themselves exempted from this immoral government-sponsored ponzi scheme. Not being forced into this bankrupt scam is just additional compensation on top of already VERY generous wages and benefits.

LamLawIndy said...

To REALLY save taxpayer money, a sheriff shouldn't receive a fixed salary but instead should get a % of jail phone revenue, jail commissary, tax liens, sheriff sales, etc. Just like back in the day!