Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Kentucky Elects Black Republican As Lt. Governor

This is one successful candidate the mainstream media won't spend any time discussing after yesterday's election. Jenean Hampton is a political outsider who won election yesterday as Kentucky's new lieutenant governor, along with her outsider running mate, Matt Blevin, who became only the second Republican ever elected governor of the Blue Grass State. Hampton, who was born in the inner city of Detroit, becomes Kentucky's first African-American ever to win statewide office.

Hampton is an Air Force veteran, computer programmer and successful businesswoman. Hampton, who like her running mate doesn't shy away from associating with Tea Partiers, says her father went to his grave angry that she had become a Republican who did not support Barack Obama. "A huge part of what formed my opinions was the peer pressure that I got to fail," she said. "These were kids who questioned my good grades, questioned the way I spoke, questioned my choice in music and the fact that I was reading all the time. I just remember wondering, 'Well, jeez, when do I get to just be Jenean with my own likes and dislikes?"


Anonymous said...

The Marion County party of RINO has no interest in black conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Local & state parties are yesterday's news. Completely stale. No vision, incoherent, detached. "Where there is no vision, the people perish".

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to hear Jenean Hampton and Matt Blevins- the new LT. Governor and Governor/Kentucky. They blew me away with their common sense, their genuine approach, their ability to critically think and break through the liberal PC bull hockey. I am wowed. How Kentucky was so fortunate to elected Blevins and Hampton is a blessing considering the state is cursed with the lying scoundrel Mitch McConnell who deceived his way back to the US Senate.

Indiana should be ashamed she does not have the quality of a Jenean Hampton or a Matt Blevins. Both Hampton (Black/Female) and Blevins (White/Male) came from OUTSIDE the political system and their challenge to the status quo is exactly what the entire Hoosier State sorely needs. Lord knows Indiana's Republican Party has passed away and all to do is dig the hole for the coffin.