Monday, November 02, 2015

Former Fort Wayne City Clerk Employee Files Whistle Blower Complaint With The Allen Co. Prosecutor

Allen Co. Prosecutor Karen Richards told the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel her office was not investigating the illegal use of city employees and resources in the City Clerk's office for campaign purposes because nobody had filed a formal complaint with her office. The Republican prosecutor has come under fire by critics in the past for not convening grand juries to conduct investigations of public corruption in Allen County. The whistle blower and former City Clerk's office employee who recorded on video the illegal activities by former Clerk Sandy Kennedy, her chief deputy, Angie Davis, and other clerk's office employees and then made the videos public has taken care of that problem.

The News-Sentinel reports Colin Keeney, former parking enforcement supervisor in the City Clerk's office, has filed a formal complaint with the Allen Co. Prosecutor's Office. "I realize it may be incumbent upon me to officially request an investigation into the possible illegal activities that may have taken place . . . I, as well as several other employees, were negatively affected by the political -based actions" of Kennedy, Davis and Stahlhut, Keeney wrote in a letter to the prosecutor's office. Keeney complained that he had been asked "to observe, take part in, or remain silent regarding activities that I know to be unethical, unprofessional, and at times, illegal." Additionally, a long-time political activist, Patrick Sefton, has filed a formal complaint with the State Board of Accounts.

The long-time City Clerk, Sandy Kennedy, Davis, who is the Democratic candidate to replace her in tomorrow's municipal election, and her campaign treasurer, Patty Stahlhut, all have resigned their jobs in the City Clerk's office following the publication of Keeney's explosive videos showing them engaged in political activities in the City Clerk's office. An Advance Indiana reader also notes that Davis' uses of the Spillman police records database as recorded by one of Keeney's videos may violate an agreement the City of Fort Wayne has with the federal government for its use in law enforcement purposes. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Indiana has remained silent regarding the allegations made by Keeney's office, even though those very same type of activities were the subject of an investigation of Lake Co. Surveyor George Van Til, which ultimately led to his indictment, conviction and prison sentence on federal wire fraud charges for using his office's employees and resources for government purposes.


Flogger said...

Well we have to see if the Fort Wayne system will close up and offer a protective shield for the the officials there. We know in Marion County the protective shield is in place.

Anonymous said...

The Norther Indiana US Attorney has been given volumes of information from numerous sources regarding questionable/illegal activities of Hammond's Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr.

Their office has failed to convene a grand jury.

It is believed legal staff in their office has a past personal relationship with McDermott.