Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hogsett Names More Insiders To Transition Team

UPDATED: Mayor-elect Joe Hogsett ran against the downtown insiders he claimed were cheating the system and stealing our tax dollars during his recent campaign for Indianapolis mayor, but he can't find anyone but insiders to run his transition team. We told you about his previous choices of a former deputy mayor to Mayor Greg Ballard, Mike Huber, a former controller for Mayor Bart Peterson, Kathy Davis, and U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, as his transition committee co-chairs. He's now named more insiders to his executive committee.
  • Tori Castor-Lobbyist/IU Health
  • Scott Chinn-former Bart Peterson counsel/Faegre Baker Daniels partner
  • Mary Clark-International Market Coalition
  • Ben Hunter-Butler University/City-County Council member who spear-headed corrupt ROC deal
  • Laurel Judkins-Cummins
  • Maggie Lewis-President/City-County Council/Indiana Grand Casino
  • Rob MacPherson-Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Community Foundation
  • Dr. Ora Pescovitz-Eli Lilly
  • Edward Rangel-Tindley Genesis Academy (charter school)
  • David Shaheed (Retired Marion Co. judge/father-in-law of Andre Carson)
He also named attorneys Jeff Mallamad and Andrew Mallon as counsel to his transition team. Mallamad, a partner at Barnes & Thornburg, contributed more than $125,000 to Hogsett's campaign. Like I told you, Joe Hogsett is a total fraud. His actions always speak much louder than the bluster and rhetoric he spews during campaigns. Expect the theft of public assets Hogsett railed against during his campaign to continue, if not accelerate, during the coming years.

Note: The original post listed Rob MacPherson as employed by Central Indiana Corporate Partnership; he is actually employed by a different nonprofit--Central Indiana Community Foundation. We apologize for the error. 


Anonymous said...

YES --> "Like I told you, Joe Hogsett is a total fraud. His actions always speak much louder than the bluster and rhetoric he spews during campaigns. Expect the theft of public assets Hogsett railed against during his campaign to continue, if not accelerate, during the coming years."

As if any of us intelligent voters were ever deluded this would not be the case.

It did not matter who became mayor and it sure as hell did not matter at all who was elected/retained as your City County Councilor.

As for the corruption of both major parties and the lies of all those politicians... The Band Plays On.

Anonymous said...

So much for giving the neighborhoods a seat at the table.

Anonymous said...

Same S---, just another day.

Anonymous said...

If Hogsett wanted to send a positive signal, he would have chosen a Republican like Scales instead of Hunter to be on his transition team. Joe doesn't like whistleblowers. He proved that to us when he was federal prosecutor.

Eric Morris said...

At least with the internet and real reporters like Gary, this is known and not the least bit surprising. At some point the fake crony economy will collapse. Otherwise, nothing will change as long as the people still have enough bread to eat and circuses to keep them entertained. In the end, does someone like Jeffrey Mallamad with $125,000 to waste actually have a better life than most of us reading this website? I'd guess he still has to eat, sleep, use the bathroom, and get dressed like the rest of us. Something tells me having that much money is unnecessarily stressful.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:46- Could it be possible that in reality Marion County GOP Scales is just another politician like the rest of them? Could it be Republican Scales drank the MCRCC Kool Aid and took the blue pill to keep her power and position this last election cycle? Some former Scales supporters assert "Yes". Scales excels at bragging how she suffers for her positions; she excels at social media postings about her support from FOP organizations but does she excel at creating a real consensus among her political peers and thus being able to move that consensus to make effective change this City needs or to stop illegal deals? Some of her former supporters might be saying "No".

Without a doubt, Scales presented loads of proof of the corruption and law breaking of Republican Greg Ballard in his many illegal schemes Marion County taxpayers are now saddled with for decades. But that's as far as it went. Nothing was done. It's all still there.

What this County needs is a leader and Ms. Scales proved more than one time she leads at complaining but Scales Fails at the type of effective leadership the Marion County voters need.

Anonymous said... Social media here in Indianapolis turns up more useful information than duh Star does. Calling out the local crooks by name is useful. Having got to know, via the blogs, who the R crooks were and are it seems hard on the public to have to learn a whole new bunch of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 10:45 about Scales. Also, for those that forgot, Hunter and his pal Sandlin were responsible for kicking Scales off the GOP City-County Council caucus. Since Sandlin does big business with city government, the prosecutor’s office, and Butler Univ., do not look for him to do anything contrary to what his bosses require him to do.

Flogger said...

ANON 10:45 - I agree with you Scales slipped under the waves. Let's face it once in a while some elected official will bang their shield with their sword to grab attention, but in the end they toss the sword and shield and run fast.

Will Tully have some fawning article on Hogshitt??? How do you spin Hogshitt reaching out to the 1% and insiders???

Anonymous said...

Hogsett was never going to be 'different' than all the rest. What a JOKE his add was when he talked about 'insiders'. Those are his friends! He has no intention of cutting them out.

Anonymous said...

Just another reason to move out of Marion County. Hogsett is a goof, he was a pretty lackluster attorney general and he will be a lackluster mayor.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I have no reason to concur with the opinions of others spoken about Scales in this comment thread. Let's wait for the new administration, at least, before concluding she has abandoned the positions she has taken in the past.

Sir Hailstone said...

10:45 AM - I personally know Ms. Scales since 2007 and some might recall I helped blow the whistle on the (at the time) Ryerson Rag giving a handjob to her Democratic opponent without even contacting Christine Scales to appear before the Ed Board. She has put herself on the chopping block several times for doing what she thought was right. She DOES NOT drink the Vermon... errr I mean South Pennsylvania Street Koolaid. She has little love for Walker & Co. after they put up a primary challenger to take her out. Those who claim she "sold out" need to realize she's just one vote of what is now 25, and in a two vote minority.

Anonymous said...

Pretty big error on Rob Rob MacPherson.s bio. He works at the Central Indiana Community Foundation NOT CICP. Can you please fix this error?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks for the correction, Joshua. Duly noted.