Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oesterle Forms SuperPAC To Help Elect Eric Holcomb

The founder and former CEO of Angie's List, Bill Oesterle, is back in the news. He has formed a Super PAC, Frugal Hoosiers, for the sole purpose of helping his good friend and fellow Mitch Daniels crony, Eric Holcomb, secure the Republican nomination next year for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. Dan Coats. Holcomb is locked in a tough race against U.S. Rep. Todd Young and U.S. Rep. Marlin Stutzman, both of whom have raised substantially more money for their respective campaigns than Holcomb has been able to raise.

By forming a Super PAC, Oesterle can bypass federal campaign finance limits on individual contributions as long as the PAC does not coordinate its activities with those of the candidate it is supporting. Oesterle, who made a fortune off the Ponzi scheme known as Angie's List, intends to contribute substantial amounts of his own money to Frugal Hoosiers in an attempt to buy our Senate seat for Holcomb. Some critics complained that Oesterle gave an astonishing $20,000 campaign contribution to Colleen Fanning (R) in the District 2 City-County Council race in the recent municipal election to aid Fanning in her race against lobbyist Kip Tew (D). Fanning narrowly defeated Tew by less than 200 votes.


LamLawIndy said...

This surprises me. I was certain the Establishment was backing Rep. Todd Young. If the Establishment aplits between Holcomb & Young, then Rep. Stutzman has a credible path to the nomination. In essence, it would be the mirror-image of 2010, when conservatives split their support between Stutzman & Hostettler.

Anonymous said...

Groan... if there is any career political sycophant who is the perfect poster boy for Indiana Republican corruption and special interests allegiance it has to be Eric Holcomb. Holcomb has all the vivacious personality of Jeb Bush but Eric does possess an uncanny ability to sniff out a personal part in crony deals better than any bloodhound.

That the multimillionaire Bill Oesterle is backing Holcomb means the Pence Must Go crowd have turned psychotic... Holcomb may be a crony of the nefarious Mitch Daniels but Holcomb is also part and parcel of the Mike Pence Republican circles.

The more I read and hear about Bill Oesterle the more I think he might be a bit off balanced mentally.

Anonymous said...

Frugal Hoosiers is still around? Those were the pieces of utter trash who were behind the restaurant tax for the Colts stadium and DST.

The Frugal Hoosiers folks were pure garbage. Was Oesterle behind them in the Mitch days?

Anonymous said...

"The more I read and hear about Bill Oesterle the more I think he might be a bit off balanced mentally."

As if there was any question on his mental imbalance after his political tirade about RFRA. He had to be one of the most corrupt Indiana CEOs with all of the insider deals he made at Angies List, all for his own personal gain.