Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CIB Bailout May Be Logrolled In State Budget

I wrote on this blog on February 16, 2009 about a possible plan to stick a bailout for the CIB in the state budget bill, thereby allowing lawmakers to avoid a final up or down vote on the issue alone. I based that observation on an e-mail I received from my own state legislator, Rep. John Day, saying that he didn't support the bailout but that he might have to vote for it if it becomes part of the state budget. Well, today WTHR's Kevin Rader says that might well happen as lawmakers scramble to finish up their work by midnight tonight. "The word is that CIB could very well end up in the budget," writes Rader on his blog. If that happens, it once again confirms that Indiana is the absolute worst legislature in the country.


Patriot Paul said...

I can hear the same refrain from last year: "It's the best we can do."

I know said...

THE GOOD OLD BOYS strike again! When does Indiana drag the mess out into the sunlight and make hay with it.

People have tried to call it out in the legal and political circles and get smashed. THE LEGAL SYSTEM IN INDIANA MUST UPRIGHT ITSELF and clean out the greed....period! Everyone knows and no one wants to step off the curb and really do constructive work to clean it up. Too many BIG politicians scare people.

Indiana continues to show its true colors as stated the worst Legislature and Executive government in the Country. At least other States have a breaking point to clean out the crap. Indiana just lets it keep piling up!

Jon said...

Once again our fearless legislators will do their best under the cover of darkness. No voting records due to a roll call vote, no conference committee, no discussion, no taxpayer input. In short, the same old, same old we always get from this lot.

We had to discuss sugar pies but not budgets! This state really needs the ability to recall all elected officials.

True Conservative said...

If he was truly opposed, your neighbor could vote no. If the budget does not pass then they can vote again without the CIB bailout. I know teachers who are loosing their jobs becasue the legislature cannot find the money for them but yet can find money to subsidized millionaires. John Day is being dishonest. Will he and all the legislatuors against this refuse free tickets to Colts and Pacer games as well as campaign contributions from the supporters of this bailout.


I know,

Those "BIG POLITICIANS" still put their pants on one leg at a time. Each one of them has a weakness and usually it is their vanity.

Public humiliation in the court of public opinion, is how The People win. The good legislators need to start ganging up on them and we need to always remember our power.

I know said...

Hoosier For Fair Tax,

I could not agree more. The number of Legislators that know about the hundreds of millions of dollars given to their buddies either from fear or greed is unbelievable. It is truly amazing how the people are used to get into the network and then they are cast aside while the boys and girls gorge themselves with the Lobbyists and Politician buddies.

The ganging up is all that will work. The problem is some of the good legislators are probably a rare minority anymore. I know of an instance that everyone is afraid to do anything because the guilty folks have more money than Indiana and that scares the daylights out of folks to make what is wrong into a right.

God help us all in the next few months that the good legislators and the Governor might wake up and cast out the self interests and some of their "friends" that have packed common sense and integrity away in a corner.