Thursday, April 16, 2009

Peddling A Casino Option For Bailout Plan

I had someone call me this morning and graciously offer me a scoop on a new survey conducted on behalf of the Indiana Beverage Alliance. According to the caller, the survey shows that Marion County taxpayers overwhelmingly support a downtown casino as opposed to higher taxes on alcohol and other such things. I asked the caller if the survey asked those being surveyed whether they favored a bailout of the Capital Improvement Board at all. The answer I was told was no. The survey is of little value given that the Indiana Beverage Alliance has one agenda, and that's to ensure that taxes aren't raised on alcohol, the product they sell. I don't blame them for holding that view, but the survey simply adds nothing meaningful to the real debate, which is whether there should be a bailout of the CIB.

Meanwhile, Democratic City-County Councilors apparently favor a downtown casino and an expansion of the professional sports development area to include other retail areas of downtown to pay for the CIB bailout rather than raise taxes. This is no surprise. Isn't one of the Democratic appointees to the CIB a lobbyist for one of the gaming companies that stand to benefit from a casino? And wouldn't the Simons just love to see all of the sale tax revenues from their Circle Centre Mall diverted to the CIB, which in turn will give them an additional $15 million a year subsidy they are demanding for their Pacers to operate Conseco Fieldhouse? Wouldn't it be nice if just one elected official stood up and spoke on behalf of taxpayers?

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I know said...

AI said, "Wouldn't it be nice if just one elected official stood up and spoke on behalf of taxpayers?" and told he truth.

Yes it would but they can't. They all know what buddy, friend or contributor is connected to someone in the network that cannot afford to lose their pass to blindly steal whatever they can from the taxpayer.

Legal blackmail in Indiana. Until some of the past indiscretions that litter the Indiana Gaming Commission and activities allowing defaults, deadlines missed of financial obligations and self written contracts a casino will be just another cattle feeder for a few god old boys.

Along with cleaning up the CIB, the Gaming Commission needs direction on following the law.

Be careful in what you wish for you might get it.