Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Indianapolis Has 5th Highest Tax Rate In The Nation

It's not just your imagination. You are paying more in taxes than all but four major cities in the country. Indianapolis' tax burden places 5th behind Philadelphia, Baltimore, Bridgeport (Connecticut) and Detroit. A family of three with a household income of $75,000 in Indianapolis pays $8,658 in combined income, property, sales and auto taxes, or 11.5% of the household's income. Here's the breakdown of taxes the Indianapolis family pays:

Income ($3,181)
Property ($4,080)
Sales ($1,227)
Auto ($171)


Who would have thought you could move to Chicago, New York or Washington, D.C. to find lower taxes than Indianapolis? So go ahead, Mayor Ballard. Bring on yet more taxes. Break a few more campaign promises. Take a few more junkets. Keep making government fatter at our expense.


Downtown Indy said...

A car rental company used to tout 'We're #2. We try harder.'

Well we're #5 and damn they are really, really trying hard to be #1, aren't they?

Unigov said...

Advance - Quick and dirty:


Totally agree on the taxation. Amazing, isn't it ?

M Theory said...

Unigov...I've got a crush on you!

I know said...

And the politicians can't figure out why businesses and people are leaving Indiana in hordes.

As was stated a few days ago. Will that last person leaving Marion County lock the gate behind them!

Very good young men and women Hoosiers are getting their education in Indiana and leaving never to come back because of the TAXES and cost of living- food, clothing, entertainment ect....

Where is the next generation of leaders going to come from when this generation is running them out?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Come on, folks! Try a little harder! Then we can be #1 in TAXES, as well as FATTEST, DUMBEST, SYPHILIS, SMOKERS, and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!


Indy4U2C said...

-Perhaps if we'd eliminate township government, we'd lower taxes!

-Perhaps if Center Twp sold those giant buildings it owns (including a former YMCA) there'd be money for important services and zero expense for maintenance.

Unigov said...


Michael Kobrowski said...

Don't forget Indiana is #3rd in per capita bankruptcy last month. Isn't that something!