Thursday, April 16, 2009

Indianapolis Tea Party Ignored CIB Bailout

Anyone who listens to Greg Garrison's morning talk show on WIBC knows that he has virtually ignored the CIB bailout. The only side anyone has heard on his show has been the deceptive and misleading arguments of Mayor Greg Ballard. The truth is that the people behind this rally aren't the real deal folks. This event was staged by people with an agenda of promoting their corporate media interests. Notice how intricately involved FOX News figures were in rallies across America. Garrison's only goal in speaking at the rally was to garner more listeners for his radio show, which I have pointed out has been AWOL in the CIB bailout debate. It is ironic that Indiana Senators pushed through a plethora of new tax increase to fund more subsidies for the billionaire sports team owners as he conducted his State House rally and, yet, Garrison's rally didn't even seem to notice it was happening. "Many of the 2,500 tax protesters complained bitterly about millionaire sports owners like Mel and Herb Simon and Jim Irsay," political analyst Brian Howey wrote about yesterday's rally. "Yet these conservatives were howling at Obama’s decision to end the Bush tax cuts, which really only impact the upper 2 percent of the population." As Garrison spoke, he faced Simon's corporate tower built on a public park facing the State House.

If people at yesterday's rally wanted something to protest, they should have been demanding answers from Garrison on how he was able to pocket more than $620,000 in forfeited assets from a convicted illegal gambling figure in Anderson that rightfully belonged to the taxpayers. That's right. Ask why the Indiana Attorney General's office was not permitted to use taxpayer-paid attorneys at no additional cost to the public instead of giving a lucrative six-figure contingency fee to Garrison when the heavy lifting in the case had already been performed by prosecutors. At a minimum, Garrison's fees should have been limited to the actual number of hours of work he put in on the case, which I'm told was very minimal. Ask why the convicted felon got back possession of ten taverns he owned in Central Indiana where his illegal gaming devices were operated? Don't be fooled by Garrison's grand-standing and rhetoric. He's not the real deal.

UPDATE: Confirming my earlier point. Who is Garrison's guest this morning? Sen. Luke Kenley. How did Garrison describe him? "You aren't going to find a better friend fighting for lower taxes at the State House than Sen. Kenley." I guess the $48 million tax and spend bailout for the billionaire sports team owners authored by Sen. Kenley doesn't count. That only affects the little people. Garrison tells his listeners not to worry because most of these tax increases will be paid by out-of-towners. Kenley expresses shock at the staggering size of the CIB's deficit. This is the same guy who sponsored the original tax increase plan to build the Lucas Oil Stadium and who knew that the CIB had no plan or means of paying for the additional operating costs. These guys ought to write comedy for SNL. They're better suited for that than helping shape public policy.


Citizen Kane said...

All I know is that politicians pretty much all lie. The lemmings who only believe truth is found on one network or is embodied in one person fall for the lies every time.

Diana Vice said...

It really hurts to suddenly realize that people you once thought were friends and allies to taxpayers cannot be trusted. I wish I could bury my head in the sand, but that would only make matters worse.

Anonymous said...

Here's why Garrison is worth listening to: He's a great outlet to understand how many lies and distortions we're being fed. He's tough to stomach sometimes, but definitely worthwhile.

His lies on the national and international scene are simply incredulous. They mimick the lies that come from the White House, Congress, and the lying mainstream media. So of course he ignores the most serious local issues. Garrison was bought and sold a long time ago.

Unigov said...

I seldom listen to WIBC but caught a little of Garrison one morning a couple weeks ago.

He was interviewing a guy who kept going on and on about downtown development, and the wonderful convention business, and how great the Colts have been for the city.

Before the commercial break, Garrison mentioned that his guest was ... Greg Ballard. Every one of Ballard's statements was as if it had been mouthed by Bob Grand, or Jimmy Irsay. And Garrison didn't call him on anything.

Garrison, Ballard, and Kenley are sellouts. And John Ketzenberger of the Star, of course.

Howey may be a socialist, but I can deal with him more easily than a sellout.

I know said...

Diana I feel your pain. I wish we could clone you a few dozen times over because of your tenacity in doing something about the corruption that has been on your radar.

The lawsuit pointed your way is a mark of history you will never forget for being honest and that requires you never stick your head in the sand.

For those of us that have been down your path and survived the brazen attempts to shut the truth down we salute you! We need all of the evidence believed by the people who can do something about it in our screwed up system-ATTORNEY'S! Then have them as a group attack the political and ill legal profession and call it out in the sunlight for the common person to really have a reason to scream for action.



God bless you Diana Vice, Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden.

Downtown Indy said...

Garrison's already had Bob Grand on his show, and Greg made the point that he and Bob are longtime friends and attend the same church.

Bob is also a longtime friend of Ballard's and their kids went to local schools together.

See how this work? ;-)

Downtown Indy said...

About the Simon building. Anyone else remember the stink over that, where the blocked view of the statehouse was going to be minimized by the design of the new building? It was described then by saying it was going to featuring a large glass atrium that one could basically see through. Try it sometime. It's as 'see through' as a coke bottle.

Unigov said...

Downtown Indy said...

If Ballard and Grand are friends, that opens up all kinds of scenarios.

In this town if you're not paranoid or a conspiracy theorist, you're not paying attention.

Diana Vice said...

Thanks bunches, iknow. I'd much rather be in my position than theirs. At least I can sleep at night.

Indy9009 said...

Gary -

You are wrong on the Neal case. Garrison worked on that case for over three years - and many hours - so your statement that he didn't spend any time on this case and the work was all done by the prosecutors is inaccurate at best or you purposely added your own animous. You're hatred of Garrison tends to bleed out when you comment on him. There are very few who know how to go after RICO cases like Garrison. You failed to mention what he is garnering for the state.
BTW, it was not Garrison's tea party - it was organized by the Behney's who asked him to speak. I'm guessing he will not be offered that opportunity again - AND if he is offered, I would bet he would not accept again.
You do a good job in investigating a lot of different areas in this city and state. But the Garrison slant on all this is wrong. Just because people are friends (or go to the same church) with others in power or in government does not mean there is a conspiracy. Don't you think if Garrison had an agenda with Grand, Ballard or anyone else, he would keep their friendship quiet? Garrison can be wrong on an issue, it doesn't mean he's part of a conspiracy.
I enjoy reading your blog when I have the opportunity.

Dana said...

Greg Garrison says there is no global warming.

Greg Garrison says that the last pandemic was The Black Death (Garrison WIBC 4-28-09 at around 11:25). Apparently Mr. Garrison has never heard of 1918.

Greg Garrison thinks that if the transgendered get equal rights (oh my!) he's afraid of which restroom they'll use.

Greg Garrison was against the Central Library rebuild, but REALLY wanted Lucas Oil Stadium!

Dana said...

"Diana Vice said...

It really hurts to suddenly realize that people you once thought were friends and allies to taxpayers cannot be trusted."

But Diana, these people, like Greg Garrison, were never your friends. People like Garrison, and Limbaugh, who call everyone that disagrees with them names while coming up with the most inane and indefensible (and just plain wrong) arguments to justify coal power plants, big sports teams, anti-gay rants and anti-environmental screeds are out for themselves.

They need to be driven off the air with torches and pitchforks.