Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Special Tribute To Luke Kenley

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M Theory said...

I really DO have a crush on Unigov!

Unigov said...

Thanks Advance ! was soooo 2007, looking for something new.

Taking pot shots at Kenley is too easy though. And he's not the only problem, but he's the point man for this insanity.

I've been thinking all day about your earlier post about the tax rates in Marion County...not to sound like a geezer, but it's the *rates* that are shocking. Sales tax in Indiana was 2% when I was a kid, why is the *rate* 3-4 times that now ?

I have an old Indy Star from the early 50's, which covered public outrage at property tax rates hitting 5% - but that was back when we had the weird assessment system, and a house would assess for only about 40% of market value. Now in some areas the rate is back to almost 5% (Washington/Inside) but the assessment is the market value.

I don't know where this ends, but I think the last thing this town needed was a new football stadium.

Cui bono ?

Downtown Indy said...

Exactly what I've often wondered Uni. The same thing you'd buy for a dollar in 1965 probably costs at least 8 dollars today. So there you have an 8 fold tax increase from that alone. Yet that isn't enough and the rate had to be jacked up 4x, for a 32x increase in the sales tax revenue. That used to be calle highway robbery. Today, it's 'just a little tax.'

artfuggins said...

I guess we need to get used to calling him Governor Kenley!!

Gary R. Welsh said...

In Luke's dreams.