Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Indiana Officials Confirm Swine Flu Case

The Indiana Department of Health is confirming Indiana's first swine flu case. The Department is conducting a live press conference this hour. WRTV reports that the confirmed case is from Northern Indiana. The case involves a young adult who has not traveled to Mexico recently. The "student" attends Notre Dame in South Bend and has recovered according to the Star.

What if there is a flu pandemic? The State Department of Health has a plan it adopted in 2006. That plan assumes that up to 25% of the population will be afflicted with the virulent flu strain, more than 20,000 of whom will require hospitalization and more than 4,000 of those cases will end in death.


Anonymous said...

The last time the US federal government declared a national swine flu pandemic (1976), the pharma business made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. More people died from the vaccinations than from the actual flu.

Additionally, we hav 30,000 flu deaths per year in the US alone. After 100 deaths across the globe from swine flu, we're going into a global panic driven by the media and their CDC? Hello? Is anybody paying attention?

And finally, it turns out that the "swine flu" that killed people in Mexico is a combination of H5N1 (bird flu), H1N1 (a variant of swine flu), and human flu viruses. What are the odds that over 50 people in close proximity would become infected with all 3 of these viruses simultaneously, and die from their infections? The numbers are astronomical. The only recent cases I've seen that are even comparable were the millions of doses of "anti-virus" sent to Eastern Europe by Baxter Pharmaceuticals late last year, which were a combination of active H5N1 and human flu virus - a lab created concoction that could have resulted in a mutation that made human to human transmission of H5N1 possible. That was reported by Bloomberg News.

I'm assuming that the human/avian/swine concoction was also manufactured in a lab. Again, what are the odds that so many people would contract all three simultaneously? The probablity is likely something less than 999,999,999,999,999,999:1. My biggeest concern is that the H1N1 virus is the strain that killed tens of millions of people back in 1918. The fact that the the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology managaged to revive the 1918 flu virus back in 2005 doesn't make me feel any better.

So - does the news media know something that we don't and that's why they're making such a big deal over this, even though the percentage of deaths is much lower than for the common cold? Is someone positioned to make a profit, like back in 1976 when Gerald Ford announced a national swine flu emergency, uselessly killing many vaccine recipients? Is it merely a coincidence that Baxter was caught "accidently" sending out millions of live virus concoctions under the label of "vaccine", and that the deaths in Mexico are part of a "concoction" that includes H1N1, which was revived by the military in 2005?

Call me crazy, but I've always believed in making logic connects and drawing out the parallels and the relationships before jumping to conclusions. I'm seeing enough parallels here to make my eyes jump off the page.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected - according to the World Health Organization's latest swine influenza update, there are 7 verified deaths, not 100 as I posted earlier. And 64 cases in the US, most mild and no deagths. Yet the drama is escalating as millions of doses of antiviruses are being transported across the country. I even looked at some states who are dusting off contingency plans that include mandatory vaccinations, isolation of populations, restricted travel, etc etc.

In the meantime, statistically speaking, about 330 Americans inside the US have died from human influenza virus over the last 4 days. Why isn't anyone panicking? Helloooo? CDC? White House? FOX News? Is anybody out there?