Wednesday, December 06, 2006

MDC Rewards Corruption--Approves 300 East

Indianapolis' Metropolitan Development Commission gave its approval to corruption at 300 East by a vote of 6-3 today, granting a variance to allow a bar--which was illegally constructed and without a lease--in the taxpayer-owned Julia Carson Government Center. A majority of the members on the MDC believe the laws only apply to common folks. Political insiders like Lacy Johnson, Bill Mays and Monroe Gray don't have to abide by those same laws. Here's the list of people who serve on the Commission, six of whom gave up thumbs up to Center Township corruption--the taxpayers be damned:

Dorothy J. Jones (Mayor)
Mr. Jim Cummings (Mayor)
Mr. James J. Curtis, Sr., Secretary (County Commissioners)
Ms. Amy Small Bilyeu, Vice-President (Mayor)
Mr. John M. Bales, II (County Commissioners)
Mr. Robert Kennedy (City-County Council)
Mr. Brian Murphy, President (City-County Council)
Mr. Robert Shula (City-County Council)

As soon as I learn the names of the three commission members who believe in the rule of law, I will make that information available to you. If you want to let City-County Councilor Patrice Abdullah (D) know what you think about his decision to sell out the people of his district to line the pockets of these political insiders, please call him at 262-8943. Here's the latest update from the Star.

You'll love this one. WISH-TV's report after the vote included comments from Bill Mays who complained that he doesn't get any thanks from people for contributing $100,000 to the local United Way, but he gets all kinds of grief from people for investing $100,000 in a neighborhood bar. Is this man sickening or what?


Anonymous said...

Kennedy, Shula and Bilyeau probably voted with those who value the zoning process in this community.

If we had an ordinance worth a damn we'd know who voted how, without having to check the paper ballots later. What a ridiculous charade that whole thing is.

One lead-pipe cinch: Bales voted with the petitioner. Thankfully, his term will likely end soon: he's appointed by the County Commisssioners, whose composition changes Jan.1 to Democratic control.

Anonymous said...

It's a sure thing Bart's appointees voted for it. The no votes had to be Kennedy, Shula and Bales, Sorry anon 4:26, Bilyeau is in Bart's pocket.

Wilson46201 said...

Taxpayers be damned? Are you talking about that paranoid remonstrator Darla Williams who is over $1000 delinquent on her own property taxes? She lives almost a mile away from 300 East Fall Creek yet she appointed herself the spokesperson for the "poor and afraid neighborhood people". Actual neighborhood leaders spoke in favor of the economic development. Ms. Williams also ran for township office this year on this restaurant issue and was trounced better than 3-to-1.

Anonymous said...

The Ghetto Mafia Queen Julia Carson owed taxes on all of her properties, so what? Wilson, you didn't have a prolem supporting her letting the taxpayers pay to have one of her slum properties demolished. You need to repay the taxpayers for the time you were campaigning on their time before you retired.

Wilson46201 said...

Ms. Carson paid the city in full 10 years ago for demolishing a house she'd been selling on contract to a divorcing couple that sadly abandoned the place and their tax obligation. 10 years ago. She is quite current on her local taxes.

Darla Williams is delinquent today by over $1000 on her taxes - who does she think pays for that hearing room and TV? Good fairies?

Anonymous said...

Get ready Fall Creek. All those drug deals going down at Savoy are now moving down to your neighborhood. These folks don't actually expect to make money selling booze and food. It's a front.

Anonymous said...

Wilson has a point about Darla. I am appealing my property taxes and wouldn't think of showing my face until it's resolved.

But Darla's testimony before the commission was spot-on. When did the neighborhood activist who supported the petition, take a vote of her neighborhood association's board of directors? The video I saw of the MDC hearing today, led me to believe the lady who favored the petition was an official representative of Mapleton-Fall Creek, whose baord, I am told, has not taken a position.

As for Mr Mays, he's just frustrated, AI. He's been a stellar corporate citizen for decades. Cut him some slack.

But if I hear him whine one more time about people not appreciating his "contribution" via this bar, I am gonna throw up.

The neighbors of The Savoy were stunned it took the city over 14 months to shut down a place that never had proper zoning permits in the first place.

Anonymous said...

4:24, I never cease to be amazed at the public's perception of the Mayor's involvement in zoning cases. He is forbidden from discussing pending cases with commissioners, and vice-versa.

He is generally not in touch with the machinations of the MDC. Case in point: when the Whole FOods case was ruled on by Ms. Conley earlier this year, McANA lit up the phone lines to council members, quite literally. They, int urn, called the mayor. Ed Treacy was off the MDC in two weeks. Derive whatever you please from that, but he was the mayor's appointee. Which was never right.

Frankly, it proves he has a problem explaining some of Ms. Conley's and the MDC's actions.
(He doesn't appoint the hearing officer--the commission does, technically)

And as for Mr. Bales--he has never, ever, once voted for neighborhoods and the Comp Plan. He's been pro-developer all the way. He's also missed a fair number of meetings. He's slick.

You need to pay closer attention.

But, when the votes are "announced," we could both be wrong, I suppose.

If there's a God in Heaven Bales is gone Jan. 1 when the commissioners become 3-0 Democratic.

Mr. Kennedy has been all over the board, so nothing would surprise me. Actually, it's pretty much time for him to go, too.

Anonymous said...

When members of the Ghetto Mafia pimp the taxpayers out of their money, I guess they all can pay their taxes with our money. None of them have an outside profession and not too much of a formal education to work any place else. Carl Drummer charges no rent for 8 months to this group, their investment did not add to the tax base in Center Township. Where is the lease? The Mayor looked the other way to hold on to some black support for re-election maybe? No accountability by DMD, the City-County Council, the Center Township Trustee after November 7th. Is this the kind of government the community has to look forward to for the next four years? This is shameful!

ellen em said...

What no one mentioned yet is that they wrote in a provision to stay open late "for special events such as Colts and Pacers games". Translation, 3 or 4 times a month they'll be open til 3 am, just like at the Savoy; that's when they'll REALLY make money. And just wait til next summer, if there hasn't been a drug bust or shooting by then, there will be during Black Expo!

Citizen Kane said...

No votes:


Anonymous said...

When the illegal drugs start flowing into Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood again and in the parking lot of 300 East Bar, the murder rate will increase,and we will see who gets paid.

Anonymous said...

Well well well. Jon Bales does have a conscience.

I just lost a bet.

A little birdy told me last night, that Kennedy's architectural firm has done mucho biz with Mr. Mayes' chemical company. He should've recused himself.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to throw this up in Sheila Kennedy's face the next time I see her or she tries lecturing to the rest of us with her holier than thou attitude. What a family of hypcrites.

Anonymous said...

Bet if you check out Shula's law firm clients, you will find some big-time conflicts.

Anonymous said...

my question is? if 300 east isn't selling food during the lunch hour and only selling food from early evening until 10:00 pm. it sure doesn't describe a family restaurant like mr. ochs was trying to explain yesterday. maybe when they add drug sales and gambling revenues from peashake's they will turn a profit along with the booze. the ghetto mafia strikes again

Anonymous said...

I hope the local liquor board heard that part about not serving food during the day. I believe if you are serving alcohol, you must have a certain number of meals available. This is how many other bars have gotten in trouble. If not food, what would a "family restaurant" be serving?

Anonymous said...

Another Drunk Democrat officeeholder

December 7, 2006

Judge likely will face censure
Jurist charged after DUI arrest Monday
By Vic
December 7, 2006

A Marion Superior Court judge accused of drunken driving this week likely will face a reprimand from the Supreme Court in the coming months but will not be taken off the bench.
John F. Hanley, 51, was driving erratically and narrowly missed colliding with an officer on the Northside late Monday, police said. His blood-alcohol level tested at 0.16 percent, officers said -- twice the level at which an Indiana driver is considered intoxicated.
Police arrested Hanley, impounded his car and booked him through the Arrestee Processing Center. He was later released without having to post a bond.
Hanley was in court and served on the bench Wednesday. He declined to comment on his arrest.
Historically, Indiana judges with drunken-driving arrests have faced sanctions from the Supreme Court on top of whatever criminal punishment they may receive.
Meg Babcock, a lawyer for the Judicial Qualifications Commission, declined to comment on Hanley's case but said the Supreme Court has disciplined five judges for drunken driving since 1986. Typically, judges facing a first drunken-driving offense were given a reprimand and allowed to remain on the bench.
In the most recent example, Hendricks County authorities dismissed criminal drunken-driving charges against Marion Superior Court Commissioner Israel Cruz, but the justices handed him a public reprimand July 25.
Cruz still works as a commissioner, an appointed judicial officer who hears cases and issues rulings.
Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi officially charged Hanley on Wednesday with operating while intoxicated and public intoxication. No hearing date has been set because local judges -- all of whom are Hanley's colleagues -- are recusing themselves from the case.
"We're very sorry about the situation," Judge Rebekah Pierson-Treacy said. "We support John as a colleague and friend."
Hanley, who presides over Civil Court Room 11, had been the leading candidate to become the Superior Court's presiding judge when control of the executive committee gets handed to the Democrats in January.
Judge Tanya Walton Pratt said he withdrew his candidacy for that post Wednesday.
"It's terribly unfortunate," said Judge Robyn Moberly, a Republican member of the three-judge executive committee. "That he was arrested is embarrassing to the whole court."
His attorney, Lowell Shroyer, said Hanley does not have a drinking problem.
"He's a good man. He's been accused of making a mistake," Shroyer said. "This time of year, with Christmas parties and all the holiday revelry, there's sure to be the annual list of embarrassing events."
Hours before his arrest, Hanley and other judges and lawyers were among about 250 guests attending a holiday party at LuLu's Restaurant, 8487 Union Chapel Road. The party was thrown by law firm Bingham McHale, said firm spokeswoman Susan Kilkenny, and ran from 5 to 8 p.m.
After the party, Hanley went to Murphy's Steakhouse, 4189 N. Keystone Ave., where he had some drinks while waiting for a friend who never showed, according to a police report.
He got into his 2002 Chrysler Concorde and drove north on Keystone. Indianapolis Police Sgt. Brian Churchill was also driving north when police say Hanley veered out of his lane and forced the officer to swerve to avoid a crash.
Churchill followed the Chrysler as it weaved between two lanes then turned onto eastbound 52nd Street, police said. Churchill stopped the car in the 2300 block of 52nd Street and called for backup.
Hanley, police said, smelled of alcohol and failed the field sobriety tests. He never told the officers he was a judge.
Hanley first won election to Marion County's bench in 1990. In 1996, Gov. Frank O'Bannon appointed Hanley to lead the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which put him in charge of the state's Excise Police.
He resigned that post in 1999 after the then-Excise Police chief and other officers were accused of having sex with strippers from clubs they were supposed to be monitoring.

Court's record
Since 1986, the Indiana Supreme Court has sanctioned five judges accused of drunken driving.

• Nov. 14, 1986: The justices issued a public censure to Marion Superior Court Judge Thomas Alsip, who was arrested on a charge of drunken driving in January 1985. After a second drunken-driving arrest in 1988, he resigned.

• April 23, 1987: The justices issued a private reprimand to Vanderburgh Superior Court Judge Maurice O'Connor, stemming from his arrest in September 1985.

• April 29, 1988: The justices issued a private reprimand to Jennings Circuit Judge Larry J. Greathouse, stemming from his April 1987 arrest.

• May 3, 1995: The justices issued a private reprimand to Marion Municipal Court Commissioner William R. Howell after he was convicted of drunken driving.

• July 25, 2006: The justices issued a public reprimand to Marion Superior Court Commissioner Israel Cruz after Hendricks County authorities dismissed a criminal case against him that alleged he drove while intoxicated in June 2005.

Source: Meg Babcock, lawyer for the Indiana Supreme Court's Judicial Qualifications Commission

How many more Democrat drunks are have been elected on the straight party tickets?

Anonymous said...

Wilson you wonder why people are anonymous? When there are people like you out there who dive in dumpsters for information on people without any facts? You are kind of like the Star, you don't give all the facts, only what you want.

Go to hell and the queen of mafia you work for.