Saturday, December 02, 2006

Breaux-Gibson Showdown

There may be a showdown in the race to succeed Sen. Billie Breaux in Indianapolis' 34th senate district between two competing factions of the Marion Co. Democratic Party when Democratic precinct committeepersons meet on December 11 to choose Breaux's replacement. Breaux is stepping down from her Senate seat at the end of the year to begin her new job as Marion County Auditor, an office she won in last month's election. AI hears that Sen. Breaux would like to see her daughter, Jean, chosen as her replacement. City-county councilor Ron Gibson, who is up for re-election next year as an at-large councilor, is also vying for the appointment.

Sen. Breaux owes her Senate seat to her predecessor, Julia Carson. With Carson's strong backing, Breaux won out over Eunice Trotter in a hard-fought primary election after committeepersons chose Breaux to take Carson's seat after she was elected Center Township Trustee. It remains to be seen whether now-U.S. Rep. Carson will help Jean Breaux to the same extent she has helped her mother in the past. Carson singled out Gibson for criticism for his vote against the HRO when it was first voted on last year. Gibson later changed his position and supported the HRO on the second vote. Gibson is said to be the favorite of Rep. Mae Dickinson (D), who is believed to hold sway over a significant number of committeepersons in the district. Dickinson and Breaux have never been close, and Dickinson is reported to strongly oppose Jean's selection.

Ron Gibson's prospects are weighted down by the fact that he has charges pending against him for battery, disorderly conduct and public intoxication after an alleged altercation with a female sheriff's deputy outside a downtown night club during this past summer's Black Expo. Some Democrats believe the pending charges won't hurt Gibson's chances in the race to succeed Breaux. In fact, there has been some recent speculation that some or all the charges against him may be dropped, although I would be surprised if all the charges were to be dropped.


Anonymous said...

Jean will be a excellent Sentator. She should and will win. I.m very pleased for her.

Anonymous said...

I believe in redemption. Ron deserves the chance to redeem himself.

But his holier-than-thou attitude about the Drunk arrest, is troubling. That, and his late-arriving vote for the HRO. Which, we all know, was after Julia's pressure and some strong inferrences that he, uh, should support it.

I'm one committeeman who won't support him for anything now. His behavior in the last year has not warranted it, frankly.

Anonymous said...

Actually Gary, Breaux already had her seat by the time she faced off against Trotter in 1992. Breaux won the seat in 1990, but lost the backing of committeemen for the seat to Trotter two years later. Breaux later won the primary in one of the closest and nastiest races that year by just 258 votes.

Gary R. Welsh said...

RiShawn, thanks for that correction. I should add, with respect to GLBT issues, Jean is supportive. I met her at an IE fundraiser last year at Scott Keller's home where she introduced herself to members of the GLBT community.

LPerdue said...

Jean has been working hard to succeed her mother as my state senator. She's made it a point to meet and know the precinct people. She and Billie have been to events and fundraisers all over the district, including at our home.

Jean would be a good Senator and would pay attention to her constituents. When's the last time any of us saw Ron Gibson at any neighborhood events? or saw him actively engaged in the Democrat clubs? or even acted like he knows where the 34th Senate District is?

Jean and Billie were also at the Lambda Legal dinner this fall (along with a number of other politicians) but Mr Gibson was not. My state senator has to speak up against discrimination, bigotry and bullying. Would Ron?

Anonymous said...

The very definition of irony: Ron Gibson having to be pushed to vote for the HRO, and not showign up at gay events.

He's got the backing of Sweet Pea Shake Gray in his legal difficulties. My sources tell me no elected official is venturing into this Senate caucus battle until Carson makes her feelings known...which she will do, trust me.

She lets the drama build and then puts out the word.

I'd be stunned if it was for Gibson.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the democrat clowns picking our leaders...we must come out in 2008 with quality candidates to run against these propped up leaders.

Billie Beaux never spoke up about the carson bar fiasco, despite her constitutes complaining to her. Her daughter will be in the same predicament, do whatever the Ghetto Mafia instructs you to do, which is usually "keep your mouth shut and stay out of it".

Our leaders must be picked by the people, not Carson, Monroe or any other imcompetent idiots.

Anonymous said...

fed up. You don't make any sense. First, Billie Breaux is a state senator who ALWAYS listens to her consitutes. Second, GOP quality canididates doesn't compute. And third, you just don't know Jean Breaux. You see, you just don't know what your talking about, do you?

Anonymous said...

Billie didn't hahve a dog in the 300 East fight. She wisely stayed out, but I heard her, more than once, complain that the proper processes were not followed.

Her lifelong career as an edcator, and her service in the Senate, are an example of public service in the best sense of the word.

But I heard late today, that the Gibson forces are out there making promises.

This might get dirty.