Monday, December 11, 2006

Breaux Handily Defeats Gibson For Senate Seat

Democratic precinct committeepersons in Senate District 34 chose Jean Breaux by more than a two-to-one margin over City-County Councilor Ron Gibson to replace her mother, Billie Breaux, who was elected Marion County Auditor last month. According to the Star's Jason Thomas, 80 of the 101 committeepersons showed up at 300 East tonight to choose Breaux's replacement. The vote for Breaux over Gibson was 55-25.

Gibson speculated his arrest for battery against a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and public intoxication may have hurt his chances. He also suggested she had more time to campaign for the post. Gibson told the Star, "She had a whole year to campaign. I only had 10 days." Excuse me, Ron, but you've known for the past year that her mother was running for county auditor and if she won, someone would have to be appointed to take her place. If you chose not to campaign until the last 10 days, then that was your choice.

Jean wasn't making excuses tonight. "I'm just very happy and relieved that it's all over," said Breaux, who was swarmed by well-wishers after the caucus at the Julia M. Carson Government Center on Fall Creek Parkway. "I think I'm the best candidate and the best selection for this position." It's interesting that Rep. Mae Dickinson had put out the word she could carry the vote for Gibson because she had chosen many of the committeepersons. Her influence didn't translate into many votes tonight for Gibson.


Wilson46201 said...

You were quite misinformed about the role of Representative Mae Dickinson: she was always for Jean Breaux. Dickinson vehemently opposed Gibson because of charter schools - Ron's recent support of WalMart (in opposition to labor) earned him no allies either.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Well then, Wilson, Jim Shella got the same bad information. I heard that same thing from several Democrats--people who generally know more than you. He writes on his blog today: "People close to the process say that Gibson is the favorite because he's the choice of state Representative Mae Dickenson. Dickenson influenced many of the selections for precint committeeman."

Anonymous said...

Yah Jean!! Sorry, but I really like Jean, glad to see the result.

Wilson46201 said...

Hailstone: any informed Democrat who would talk to you about Democratic inner-party politics is a bigger fool than you are - you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what role I played in this election. Folk that know, know it was not inconsequential. Let me give you a hint: I've worked with Mae Dickinson for over 20 years now - I also helped get Billie Breaux elected Senator in 1990.

As for Mae's support of Jean, she personally re-iterated it tonight by wearing a Breaux button (that I designed and printed) and telling me personally how upset she was at Ron's charter school activites.

Anonymous said...

Mae Dickinson can't stand Billie Breaux, Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Ummm ok put down the whiskey and step away from the keyboard - what's the point about your post at 10:23 PM Wilson??

Only comment I recall making on this topic stated that if anything I wanted Ron Gibson to get it just to get his mug off the CCC.

Anonymous said...

I'm involved in those Demo political shindigs, and the last anonymous poster is right, as most in the know realize: Ms. Dickinson does not care for Billie.

Or else we've all been "imagining" that hostility for over a decade.

That being said, Mae was there, wearing a Breaux button (nice design, Wilson!). Julia was wearing one, too, and proof is in the pudding: she had to tell several committeemen and women that she was supporting Jean. It worked. And she was there for a reason, not to mention, she's a committeewoman.

I know two commiteemen who were startled by Mae's button, because they'd been led to believe (or directly told) the opposite. The scoreboard on those two: one stuck with Ron, out of spite, one changed his mind and voted for Jean.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Center Township Democratic slating and conventions. There is one infamous ward chair, who lives near 34th/Central, who notoriously waits to endorse in some races, depending, allegedly, on the amount of cash she's offered at the last minute to "swing" votes.

Hence, when many commiteemen and women walk into slating, they have been told one thing by this ward chair (and others), but get last-minute instructions to the contrary. It's fabled Democratic lore. Everyone knows it and laughs about it.

But it's not funny any more.

One good thing: Ron got his come-uppance, to some degree.

Get used to it, Ron. Charter schools blight inner-city neighborhoods. And that downtown scuffle is going to cost you in Council slating, too. In addition to the few committeemen and women who are thankful for your HRO vote, but appalled you even considered voting otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Charter schools blight inner-city neighborhoods

They do? what about abandoned homes, crackhouses, prostitution, illegal gambling, etc? Do they not contribute to blight also?

Blight in this city was around a lot longer than charter schools ever were.

Anonymous said...

True, Hail.

Open up that cobweb mind a little.

The context was: charter schools alone are not responsible, but they don't help at all. And that's where Ron earns his salary.
Shamelessly, for reasons known only to God.

Anonymous said...

The context was: charter schools alone are not responsible, but they don't help at all.

Just wanted the clarification. While I don't agree with you on this point at least there's more issues than just charter schools.

IPS should learn from a charter school. Namely lose the layers upon layers of bureaucracy. Stop the micromanagement of teachers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, Hail...if only you knew whereof you type.